Hunting Edward Snowden

greyfield 3902

Increasing the suffocation effect of NEARPAD by lumping it into Gagarin Deep Space. The Root is an economic juggernaut that makes it much easier to finance your City Surveillances, and if the runner runs low on money, they expose themselves to the tagging spiral plus either DRTs or PSF, fueled by The Cleaners.

5 Mar 2015 beladee

Traffic Accident could work well with this deck either as a tax or a win condition - City Surveillance is likely to promote tag-me scenarios at some point, and if you have The Cleaners scored, each of those accidents hurts a lot more. Plus, you're not swimming in money unlike Blue Sun, and accidents are cheap. It's at least a nice backup if DRTs aren't available. However, additional tagging sources like Hunter might be needed for this to fire more often.

6 Mar 2015 greyfield

As in the original NEARPAD, the point isn't to kill the runner but to lock them down with taxation - put down City Surveillances, wait for the runner to fall low on credits, and then rez them, so the runner has to take a tag or two. At that point, they not only have to clear the tag to run without sustaining damage, they have to keep paying to avoid further tags. Couple that with the high cost to trash your assets, they'll lose quite a bit of time catching up, giving you time to score one of your agendas, all of which directly or indirectly tighten the noose further.