Liza (5th at Worlds Crown of Lazers)

boreira 602

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9 Oct 2019 5N00P1

@boreira do you think Sneakdoor Beta is worth it, as they often will ICE Archives anyway? And 2 MU is a tall ask, I often have MU issues in Liza. But usually also play Datasucker and Femme Fatale.

9 Oct 2019 boreira

U right first card to cut is Sneakdoor and adding Femme would be right call

9 Oct 2019 boreira

@5N00P1 what was your Liza build?

16 Oct 2019 5N00P1
But with so many Plans and Anansi this Fem heavy deck is a wrong approache.

17 Oct 2019 5N00P1

sorry Plans = Palana on my mobile