Bad Meta Dash (#113 Worlds 2019)

5N00P1 644

This is a failed meta call for Worlds 2019 (which was still good enough for my taste together with this Sportsmetal, but it still managed to pull it's weight. I thought about what are my bad matchups and only Argus came into mind and I hoped to dodge the matchup as most Outfits play Punitive and not the HPT kill anymore.
What I missed was:

  • Palana is a bad matchup as it plays Kakugo and you don't want to lose a card per turn. And you drawing gives them money and you are very much on the denial plan. So making Palana poor is not that easy and running every turn into centrals as well.
  • Many people still play kill in Outfit.

During the day I met: 2x Outfit, 2x Palana, 1x Blue Sun, 1x Replicating Perfection, 1x Argus, 1x All of them kind of bad...

The deck went 4 - 3 during the day

Game 1 Joss on Outfit (0 - 1)

Run HQ, rez Raven, see HHN, run R&D see HPT with 4 tags. Run HQ twice, gg.

Game 2 fgcsem4n on Palana (0 - 2)

Have the Inti in hand and think, don't run into Anansi install it first. What happened, lost it when running click 1 into Anansi on R&D. Which made me draw a lot to find Tycoon and giving him scoring windows. Femmed the Border Control in 2 ICEd remote, also bad.

Game 3 Dethvir on Replicating Perfection (1 - 2)

They want to ICE their centrals, I want to run them.... Tourguide on HQ and a lot of assets.... I think I ran HQ twice the whole game? I managed to get to 4 points, while they where on 6. Bad bad. Their board was impressive, but I had a Mad Dash in hand + Stargate, but with a Nisei on the other side? Shit. I Stargate R&D, trash a Medical Breakthrough and Liza draws me a 2nd Mad Dash, so I Mad Dashed twice into Archives for the win.

Game 4 Irene on Palana (2 - 2)

Why again? Where are my easy matchups?
I was lucky here, DoF them, EShutdown them, keep there credits low and steal some agendas for the win.

Game 5 Ardu on Outfit (3 - 2)

He only played 1 HPT without finding it. I was lucky hear, easiest matchup of the day.

Game 6 Countzer0 on BlueSun (4 - 2)

Shit was I scared! Oversight early or Buildings Block can really kill me & keep me out. I was so lucky & dumb. Got my Stargate, was able to make him rez Trebuchet. Play Emergency Shutdown afterwards, he was so frustrated. But I missed to steal a Hostile on R&D when I knew it was coming, bad play! When I was on 6 points, 4 bad pub, 85 creds, Aumakua & Datasucker really strong he conceded. I Embezzle him 3 times for ICE, so he could not get his nasty pieces out. Femmed his Chiayshi & when he rezzed it also played shutdown.
I was lucky here, as I could deny his econ for a long time, him clicking for credits.

Game 7 AxWill on Argus (4 - 3)

This was a 241 and I played his Argus. Stole a hostile turn 1. Stargated another one + Mad Dash. Atlas was going into his hand, but he had HPT in hand for the kill, that I never saw. Could have Embezzle it, but not without seeing it. So I died gloriously against Argus, almost on 5 points.

That ended my journey. I was so close to day 2, although it was so unlikely.