The Vanity Reject - 3rd at ANRPC Charity Tournament

Ino209 333

This was the deck took to the ANRPC Childs Play Charity tournament, which combined with my runner deck, landed me in third place.

I intended it to be an exact copy of The Vanity Project deck, but while building it, I accidentally swapped the two Sappers for two Colossuses. All credit goes to Saan for this list, since this one was created by accident.

It was my first attempt at playing Jemison, and maybe my second non-kill Weyland deck, and it was a blast. Fast-advancing Vanity Projects with RPC was way easier than I expected, and feels incredible.

I wasn't a big fan of Success, and never ended up playing it. Friends in High Places didn't feel like a strong include, but I suppose it's better with Sappers than Colossus, because of the ability to trash it.