Good Luck & Have "Fun" - 1st Store Championship Krefeld

ff0X 819

Thanks to @percomis and @shmeguy showing that RP can still pull its weight.

I played the same list the day before in Cologne and lost only one game there, too. (My runner let my down though.)

There is really not much to say about the deck, that hasn't been said before. Only changed I made from @percomis list is swapping 2 Encryption Protocol for 1 Elizabeth Mills and the 3rd DNA Tracker. Overall a change I am quite happy with since I can search for Lizzy wth Tech Startup and get rid of Slums a lot more reliable that way. Thanks to Friends in High Places the bad publicity doesn't stay around for long enough either.

1st round (vs Omega) I faced Gabe and lost within 5 minutes, due to a snipe from HQ and hits from R&D with a lost psi game. What can I say? Sometimes you lose, sometimes the other guy wins. ;)

2nd round (vs Axul) Axul was playing Geist and I was a bit worried about multiple Levy and Same Old Thing. Luckily he ran into a DNA Tracker without enough cards or ways to draw more.

3rd round (vs Mythras) He was playing Andy and a version quite similar to myself. He managed to steal a Fetal AI early and trashed some of my assets. But I was able to stabilize quite well thanks to Friends and Clone Suffrage Movement. After that I was just looking to find some extra ice, to seal up R&D and H&Q, which wasn't as easy. Sneakdoor worked well in allowing him to access The Future Perfect a couple of times. However I was lucky enough to win all the mind games that turn which pretty much sealed the deal.

16 Feb 2017 hi_impact

It's a strong deck. Infuriating at times, but it operates elegantly and efficiently. I love Chiyashi here, and the deck feels different from IG.

16 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

Have you played this against any Whizzard decks with Salsette Slums? I ran a version of this deck at a SC and I got wrecked by Whizz. I like your inclusion of Elizabeth Mills and I'm just wondering if that has helped to deal with Slums.

17 Feb 2017 percomis

Hey Alex, nice to see you have success with the deck! And thanks for the mentions :)

17 Feb 2017 ryanbantwins

Ffox, you used to be a decent man. What happened?

17 Feb 2017 ff0X

@ryanbantwins I met you. :P

17 Feb 2017 ff0X

@BizTheDad Lizzy helped lots against Slums in testing and during the SC the day before. (My runner let me down there...). I didn't face slums during this tournament.

17 Feb 2017 percomis

@BizTheDadalso you can Voter Intimidation the Slums. Whizzards tend to get poor when they try to keep up with you spamming assets, making it easier to win the psi game. Just try to not lose your Bioethics to Slums before you can clear the latter.

19 Feb 2017 wily-odysseus

I've had 2 concessions in a row on Jnet. One a few turns in, the second on seeing the ID. So...good job?

23 Apr 2017 AberDamo4

@ff0X So, given that the new MWL update only hits Bio-Ethics Association, and only requires that this deck finds space for 3 influence pips, can you think of a good way to make this deck relevant for the new meta?