2nd Place Leuven Regionals


Just your standard Temüjin Wizzy. With the inclusion of Bloo Moose.

Thought and possible changes

  • Maw and Obelus: just a mistake in the deckbuilding, only noticing it when writing down my deck list on the train. Still feels sweet being able to choose between the 2. I’m a firm believer in Obelus. Clickless carddraw is the best carddraw

  • Salsette Slums: 2 is too many. Will probably cut one to make room for Daily Casts

  • John Masanori: boy is this card good. As said above: Clickless carddraw is the best carddraw.

Changes I’m going to try are

  • 2 liberated -1 slums -2 Peddler +3 daily cast +2 Hacktivist meeting

Thanks to everybody for the smoothly run tournament, and for the nice games.

7 Aug 2017 OneFabric

1.Why 3x Employee Strike? Was it useful on the day of?
2.Would 1 Plascrete be enough against Weyland, NBN?
3. I noticed you don't have many copies of icebreakers; how would you play against Skorpios?

And last, but not least, congratulations on coming 2nd! ^_^V

7 Aug 2017 FREDPI


  • I was never sad to see an Employee strike. Cuts off money and was also the tech for Aginfusion or Scorp
  • I always sloth 1 plascrete, cuse it makes me feel safe. And I was expecting a bit more sync.
  • Was not expecting anybody playing Skorpios, But still if I did, I would still run the same suit. 2 reasons: deck slots and E-strike should be enough if you're not too aggressive.
7 Aug 2017 clercqie

2 Slums maybe is too many, but I think 1 is too few for the matchups you really want it.

The Obelus / John combo was indeed really swell. :)

Well played on the day!

@OneFabric: keep in mind that Parasite is also a great backup breaker of sorts against Skorp and other Corps that want to shoot your rig.