Whampoa Works How, Exactly? 4-0, Enschede Cache Refresh

Tolaasin 722


Undefeated in the Enschede Cache Refresh Tournament after the Dutch Nationals (though I dropped after round 4 to catch the train home), this is a really solid ETF moons build, courtesy of one of my play testing group, @maxey. Cache Refresh runners aren't rich, and it doesn't take long for them to stop contesting the remotes, meaning you get very rich, very quickly, and Marilyn keeps coming back for more.

Then you have the usual Moons/Successful Field Test trickery, enabled by BWC which scored me the win in all the games (scoring Food from hand with 2 Biotics in two games).

Round 1 was against @kelfecil, who I really enjoyed meeting face to face for the first time – he was on a smoke build, but I held off the Maker’s Eye onslaught for long enough to score out.

Round 2, against @Cpt_Nice, playing Kate, same approach as in game 1, bang out the assets and play ‘hide the BWC’, there’s only so many remotes you can check in a turn and still develop a board state.

Round 3, against Christian, who was on a brutal Apocalypse Los deck – a real battle which took most of the round, having my board cleared twice. Fortunately, I’d kept Friends in hand, and was able to restore my defences fairly quickly – and most importantly, stop his recursion. Eventually his lack of recursion locked him out and he conceded so we could at least start the second game.

Round 4, against Roel playing a parasifr build in Null – I probably only scraped this win because he had a really slow start, and was unable to find the pieces he needed to remove all my R&D ice.

So, why the title for the deck? It’s a classic tale of tolaastic incompetence (of which there are many). I pinged @maxey on the train on the way home – ‘Why is Whampoa in this deck? It’s terrible! You never want to leave agendas in archives for a turn! I didn’t use it even once.’ ‘Uh, tolaasin, the card you bin can go straight on the bottom of R&D’. Embarrassed silence followed. ‘And you can use it once a turn, before access if they are running your hand’. More embarrassed silence.

So, slot Whampoa. It’s a good card.

14 Aug 2017 maxey

If you want to know why there is 4 inf spare, I have no idea.

14 Aug 2017 Tolaasin

@maxeyyou just never know when it might come in handy.

14 Aug 2017 Kelfecil

Thanks for bringing fast advance to Cache Refresh @maxey, as if we did not have enough of that in the normal format. :P (Honestly, great deck, well done! xD)

Was nice meeting up with you too @Tolaasinand thanks for the games, they were fun, despite you even playing Moons!

14 Aug 2017 RvdH83

@Tolaasin Yeah, my ParaŞifr-Null deck was too slow in general, even with Wyldside. I lost 3/5 with it, not too great. I'm not sure what I could've done better, you played the game really well. The Sandburgs were also greatly annoying.

I played an EtF-Moon-build at the Cache Refresh tournament at euros, but your choice for Data and Destiny (Global Food Initiative) definitely looks better than my choice for Creation and Control.

14 Aug 2017 Tolaasin

@RvdH83: you pushed me really hard, it was tighter than you think. Though imagine if I'd actually used whampoa to put the agenda from my hand under r&d!

15 Aug 2017 stoppableforce

4 influence spare? Why, that's enough for another copy of Whampoa and more leftover besides! ;)

15 Aug 2017 Tolaasin

@stoppableforceI had no idea what to do with the first two copies. What makes you think one more would have made a difference?

16 Aug 2017 rotage

Great result with the deck, shame you couldn't stay for the final round

18 Aug 2017 Cpt_nice

You played a clever game, I knew BWC was a thing, but I was indeed in no position to go check every server just in case there was one down there. Good job.

18 Aug 2017 Tolaasin

@cpt_nice I was just happy to take the game after you rused me harder than anyone's ever rused me before with that damn Door-to-Door. 'No, i don't have it, it's an awful card'. Plays Door-to-Door. 'I lied'. That was very well done.

18 Aug 2017 Cpt_nice

@Tolaasin Swear to god, I thought it was quite obvious I was being sarcastic :D But I guess it was a good move of me regardless to get inside your head. Did not work out in the end though, but at least we got a laugh out of it.

18 Aug 2017 Tolaasin

@cpt_nice I'm too naive and easily rused!