You Have to Pay For That 1.5

Drakeheart 38

An updated version of the original YHTPFT list I published. Made a few tweaks at the behest of Skeletons & The Real C, so shout out to you guys, and thank you for the suggestions!

I've played several game with this deck now, and I must say, I have so much fun with it. Predictive Algorithm & Red Herrings are the heavy lifters of the deck. 7cR to nab an Agenda, especially in the early game, usually means it's out of the Runner's reach, or requires more effort than he original anticipated, both of which put the Corp ahead of the game. Introducing Herald into the mix also made for some bloody incredible Fast Advances when the runner couldn't get his rig out. One match in particular stands out... 6 v 6, he managed to grab my Project Beale, and 2 of my GFI's. I scored a GFI, and my Utopia. Without a rig, and my Sales Team hiding behind a Rototurret and an unrezzed News Hound, he made a last ditch run on R&D, which was currently host to Herald. I get the credits I need, finish advancing my Sales Team, then score it on my turn. 10/10, cannot recommend enough.

A few points of order:
-With the Conspiracy Suite having the popularity it does, Blacklist made MVP. A Free Lunch in front of Blacklist means he'll either lack the funds to trash it, or lack the funds to bring back his programs after he trashes it.
-PAD Campaign is not necessary to maintain economy, but is definitely nice to have around. Don't bother protecting this, as the high-trash cost means he won't be stealing agendas.
-I have yet to actually use TNNH, if I'm honest, but I refuse to remove it from this deck, in the event it ever becomes absolutely vital.
-This deck is especially taxing on gear checks. Get out your ICE as soon as you can, and build up credits to rez them. If the runner starts face checking, punish them; if they don't, score an agenda.

A few tactical notes:
-Paywall Implementation is a great way to make cR. It can be a little telegraphic when you replace it with your Predictive Algorithm, but if you're sensible (not necessarily clever), then it won't matter. The trick is knowing when to swap between the two.
-Because of the fair amount of tax, and hard EtRs, it's possible to drop a Project Beale in behind a server, then advance it until you no longer feel safe doing so. I was able to advance my Project until I had 7 counters on it for a total of 4 agenda points, before I decided I was getting too greedy and scored it before ending my turn. I may have even been able to continue scoring, but caution overruled daring. With Utopia, this could theoretically be done indefinitely, scoring the remaining four (or all seven if you Media Blitz'd).
-Global Food Initiative is a heavy lifter in it's own right. Because it's worth one less while the Runner has it, the only agenda that's actually worth 3 points is Utopia, of which there is only one copy of. This means that the runner will need at least 4 agendas in order to win. This affords you time, allowing you to let the runner take an agenda or two, taxing himself while doing so, so that you may score an agenda or two yourself. This strategy would be impossible without GFI.

Edit/Update: Because the NAS ID ability allows you to play Currents from Archives, you should never hesitate to throw your currents out of HQ when getting milled, especially with the new fad of milling out HQ.

Update 2: Using Media Blitz to trigger Utopia, then advancing a Project Beale until you have 7 Agenda Points sitting on it, is a truly hilarious way of winning a game. Especially with how heavily this deck can tax a runner, they should never have enough credits to steal it after running through your ICE.

28 Oct 2017 PureFlight

This is sweet! Ever think about trying to squeeze in another card to get Consulting Visit to pull up that current you need?

Is 3x Interrupt 0 too many copies for a positional ice?

Data Ward is an interesting choice given you don't actively tag your opponent.

Thoughts on MCA Informant to hit Film Critic?

29 Oct 2017 Drakeheart

@PureFlightI have thought about adding in Consulting Visit, and I'll probably tweak this deck ad naseum, but I don't know if I can make it worth it. We shall see.

I've never had a problem with using positional ICE. Either it stays in hand, fluffing up HQ, waiting, or it gets installed in front of ICE you already have. "Dead draws" mean far less to the Corp than they do to the runner, as those cards can still be used to potentially prevent the Runner from accessing an Agenda in HQ.
I will say though that a good ratio for positional ICE you want to get use out of is 1:5. 1 Positional to 5 Normal.

Data Ward IS an interesting choice, isn't it? Why not Tollbooth? Why not Data Loop? Why not literally anything else? There's a few reasons. This deck does not run with credits. It's a poor corp, barely eking out a living. Tollbooth is 8cR, Data Loop is 7cR, and both have moderate strength (5 & 4, respectively). These are insanely expensive for this deck, with less kickback. Data Ward is cheaper, and does mostly the same thing as Tollbooth. Both force the runner to pay 3, and while Tollbooth also asks the Runner to use his decoder before getting through, with the rise of Smoke and Stealth Breakers, it isn't expensive. Additionally, it's another Code Gate, of which I have too many already. Data Ward, on the other hand, also asks the Runner to pay 3, or to try and crack a full meter thick steel vault door. It is much more expensive to push through, even with Stealth breakers. Given this, they will always pay the 3 to get through, meaning they'll be just a little poorer when they run into my next piece of ICE, or try to nab my Agenda.
And if they decide to take the tag, either because it benefits them (Obelus), or because they rely on recurring/Stealth (Smoke), then I wish them "Good luck", because it takes even the most efficient Fracter in the game 7cR to break. Notice how that's less than the rez cost of Data Ward? That's why.

MCA Informant will kill Film Critic, every time. Either the Runner offs the Critic themselves, or you do on your own turn. Even if they aren't worried about losing the Critic, they definitely worry about having that tag. In the 4 or 5 games I've played, the runner has trashed Film Critic with MCA on either his first or second click, every time.

Thank you for the response!

29 Oct 2017 percomis

But there's no MCA in the deck?

30 Oct 2017 Drakeheart

@percomisThat is an error on my part, thank you for pointing that out.

-1 Biased Reporting, for +1 MCA Informant