Titan FA

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I took this deck to 8th place at Family Game Store's 2017-2018 SC. It went 2-2, which was slightly better than I expected.

This deck does what you would expect-- rush the first agenda behind cheap ICE, FA the rest, and ride the Atlas Train to victory. 2x Cyberdex Virus Suite and 1x Macrophage are there due to the expected prevalence of Aumakua (and Clot). Best Defense is mainly for taking out saccon and SMC (primarily for clot-lock shapers, somewhat for Tapwrm). I used to run 3x Hortum and 2x Mausolus, but it just felt lousy against black orchestra.

Round 1: Lose to @basoon (Good Stuff Val)

Really close match. Time was called on his turn, I was at 6 with an atlas token and 1 Hostile Takeover in the deck. He ripped 3 points off the top of R&D to win. I had a handful of FA tools and no agendas for a lot of the game, which is a bummer.

Round 2: Lose to @strube (Good Stuff Val)

God this was awful. He ripped 3 points off of an open R&D on turn 1, I think. I tried to rush out a Corporate Sales Team behind Vanilla on turn 2 or 3. He top-decked Turtle with Earthrise, installed it, ran R&D once or twice, then stole it, going to 5. I came back a little bit, but I was way too deep in the hole to come back.

Round 3: Win vs @netjogging (Hayley)

This was a really hard-fought win. Early on, he had SMC on the board. I IA'ed an atlas, he popped SMC for clot, and I ICE'd it last click (Meru Mati). He was too broke to challenge the remote the next turn, so I scored it and got out ahead. The rest of the game was super scrappy, and I think that I ended up scoring out of the remote a second time, which I hardly ever do.

Round 4: Win vs @junior_varsity (Maxx)

I don't remember the overall flow of this game, but it was a scrappy one with a couple of cool plays. He played indexing when I had an atlas scored-- I assumed he was bluffing when he ran R&D again and declined to use the token. He was not bluffing :/. Later, he ran R&D with Turntable when I had two atlas tokens, a scored HT, and one HT in hand. I burned both atlas tokens to fetch a Best Defense and a Hostile Takeover. He ran HQ and missed the two HT in hand. Next turn I scored an HT to go to 6 points (hoping he would assume that was the one I had just fetched and ignore HQ). Then I scored the second HT for my 7th point the next turn.

4 Dec 2017 internet_potato

d'oh, @basoon was on MaxX, not Val. My bad.