GeneTherapy 1.1

Matthias404 55

An attempt at fast advance Harmony Medtech, using Biotic Labor and Trick of Light, with a Mushin No Shin'ed Project Junebug as a battery, to score 3/2 Agendas (or a Mushin No Shin'ed Agenda for that matter).

Genotyping and Heritage Committee lets you quickly cycle through R&D, while Shi.Kyū is there to hopefully force the Runner to have to score four Agendas to your three.

Finally, Mutate is used alongside Heritage Committee (as well as reshuffling via Genotyping) to change the humble Himitsu-Bako into the other ICE.

Still new to Netrunner, so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


(NB: Deck list is legal; it just refers to older cards that are now available in the Revised Core Set.)

11 Jan 2018 Lothos

This looks fun! I would maybe scrub the Mergers and Philotic and replace with x2 Obokata or x2 Future Perfect. That would leave you with deck space and influence for one more Biotic or one more Mushin.

11 Jan 2018 Lothos

This looks fun! I would scrub the Mergers and Philotic and replace with either x2 Obokata or x2 Future Perfect. Those are harder to steal and worth just as many points as the Mergers and good targets for a Mushin bluff. It would also free up influence and deck space for one more Biotic, or another Mushin instead.

12 Jan 2018 Matthias404

Thanks for the feedback, @Lothos. It is very tempting to swap those Agendas in, but the main aim was to have a set of 3/2 Agendas that could instantly be scored with Trick of Light and Biotic Labor, while using the ICE to protect Central Servers rather than a Remote.

Mushin No Shin'ing Medical Breakthrough is no loss, because if the runner does steal it the next one becomes a 3/2 to score. But I would be wary of bluffing with Obokata Protocol and The Future Perfect when six points is needed for the win.

Two 5/3 Agendas still requires scoring three Agendas to win, unless you're lucky and can score both of them... And is the same risk as having two 3/2 (3) Mergers.

13 Jan 2018 igrekk

Checkout my approach to this build