Potat's Current Nasir Deck

Potat 37

Note: Decklist is actually legal for tournaments. I just forgot to choose the revised core set versions of the cards.

I've been playing Nasir on and off for a while. Takes a bit of getting used to but I find it a pretty rewarding way to play.

Personal workshop was good, but I don't think it's the powerhouse crutch that it's made out to be. I find that I still get a lot of value out of the ID trigger just using SMC and clone chip.

I'll try to keep this list updated as I continue to play it. It's got a lot of tech, although I personally don't consider Political Operative a flex slot. Sometimes I hold dirty laundry for more important runs rather than firing it away for three credits; works out most of the time.

Good luck; may you find all of those vanillas sooner rather than later.

12 Jan 2018 blindidiotgod

PolOp into an ice rez to make the most of Nasirs ability is top shelf. Many instant speed money spenders to keep the credit machine pumping.

12 Jan 2018 blindidiotgod

So many instant speed triggers to make the most of Nasirs ability. I keep thinking Street Magic would be good in Nasir to dodge painful subroutines.

12 Jan 2018 blindidiotgod

I keep dreaming of including Street Magic to make some facechecks less painful.

12 Jan 2018 blindidiotgod

Thanks internal server errors!

12 Jan 2018 Matt500

Do you ever forget your ID ability and then when you realise your opponent game losses you for a missed oppourtunity? That would happen to me a lot. Although it would be ok i guess. I would just call in my professional contacts.


12 Jan 2018 Potat

@blindidiotgod: errors due to information overload? It has been a while since I've had a genuinely bad face check experience; don't do street magic :P

12 Jan 2018 PTD

This looks like Nasir's good stuff with a little personal flavour, so difficult to fault. One thing that stresses me about your list is that it relies a lot on recursion refreshing of programs. Going to be a very sad time against Skorpios unless you get some turns with multiple agendas stolen!

If I were to take it for a spin myself I'd probably swap Xanadu for Clot and a Multithreader for a Street Peddler. Just because it would speed up the rig while getting more use out of the Clone Chips.

12 Jan 2018 djkokakola

So correct me if I'm wrong, but if the corp rezzes ice, you don't have a window to spend your credits before you lose them, do you?

12 Jan 2018 presheaf

@djkokakola : When the runner approaches an ice and the corp is allowed to rez them, that rez happens during a paid ability/rez window. The Runner can take actions here. Nasir ability triggers on the encounter the ice which does not happen until both sides are done with the window. So you can't use click abilities like installing an icebreaker from hand during the window, but you can, for example, trigger Clone Chip to install a program from heap.

12 Jan 2018 Potat

@PTD: Absolutely agree with your swaps! I've just taken out clot because of local meta and Xanadu seemed fun. Might I suggest also playing around with Aeneas Informant. Credits at the end of a run are premium, and there's a cute Maya combo.

The Scorpios matchup is a little annoying, but keep in mind that you can leverage big turns to do lots of trashing to get most of it through. It's a lot of effort and guesswork for the skorp player to lock you out, even when the recursion is limited; there are lots of back up solutions. Incidentally I think the third street peddler would make skorp a harder game.

13 Jan 2018 PTD

Yeah Skorp is probably manageable, just brings out my anxiety that Egret and Lady are bound to be single-use for that match up. I am likely underestimating the number of other tools you have for the remote. Hell, half of the fun of Nasir is getting in despite it looking rough!

13 Jan 2018 BENJI9520

Drug Dealer is a very good include in Nasir. Not to be overlooked. Liberated as a way to offshore money might be a better economy option/something to look into