Scarcity No-Hedge CtM v2

Necro 190

This deck is another iteration of my CtM deck, originally based on emilyspine's CtM deck

The main change of this iteration is the inclusion of Archived Memories. Since there are a lot of one card tricks in the deck, I find it very useful. Replaying a tagging or tag punishment card is great. This came with the price of getting rid of Mirāju (or Architect). Since a lot of Shapers don't play Indexing anymore and Indexing Valenca (rebirthed into Omar) can play around Mirāju, I didn't miss it much. I'm happy with the current ICE suite. I'm using Best Defense to counter Tapwrms (and their Sacrificial constructs), Self-modifying Codes. The available targets widen when you hit them with tags.

- Always mulligan for Commercial Bankers Group
- You can also use Mumbad Virtual Tour to protect centrals or a Commercial Bankers Group (the original plan is that it goes into the scoring server)
- Installing a AR-Enhanced Security and creating two other remotes on the very first turn is a valid strategy. Score out the agenda on the second turn. Runners rarely check every remote in the beginning. (Hitting a Mumbad Virtual Tour on 5 credits sucks)
- If the runner is low or medium on credits and you have tagging and tag punishment cards, bait him/her into your scoring server with a double advanced Global Food Initiative. It doesn't matter if he/she steals it, Exchange of Information will take care of that. Scoring it out is also great.

Possible changes: Self-Growth Program does not worth the deckslot, since it's highly situational. I would put back the third PAD Campaign instead.