Biotic Labor Shortage

pord 28

All thanks to DoomRat for his deck, which I took. I almost edited a little but bottled at last minute. Biotic Labor Shortage

Game 1:

Palana playing pot luck was able to advance out before I was able to contest due to early damage. As unfortunately hit an {Cerebral Overwriter](/en/card/03009) in a server. #NGO was around too, so hitting the correct server was hard. Never used Always Be Running.

Game 2:

Palana Again!! Yay :S Adam won. Less of the shell but still plenty of traps and nastyness. Had to take time and pick when and where to strike. Never used Always Be Running.

Game 3:

Palana AGAIN!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Adam lots of econ, used creative with Brain Chip into Crypsis to get some accesses. Struggled with finding chip after a score. However stuck at it and eventually won over using archive runs to see rnd. Never used Always Be Running.

Game 4:

Architects of Tomorrow Arc got to 6 and I took an early brain due to Kuwinda, leaving me with 2 card hand. With Ash and gene in server forcing me to run. Had to do multiple times taking the damage. Then got econ going and won overall. 1 card in stack 5 in hand. Won with Obokata and hack rnd through 3 ice. Never used abr

Final Thoughts

Corp was let down. Won 1 time (almost 2) when has been so consistent recently. won 3 lost 1 in previous sc, over 80% on jnet. Adam did fantastic winning 3 and loosing only the once. Was playing with idea of dropping Always Be Running and one Corporate Defector and putting in two Sports Hopper. Wish I had now. Corporate only paid off two, maybe three draws and never used ABR once. Palana was around alot. 3 times in a row I played vs it. Overall did well against it, but still a hard matchup.