This S#!t is Pālanā (2nd @ Elandrial Games Store Champs 20

Drayven 20

This is the deck that I piloted to second place at the inaugural Elandrial Games Store Championship. I was acting as TO for the day so I wanted something pretty quick and easy to pilot.

The deck is built around the accepted wisdom that after rotation, Jinteki is the best placed faction for fast advance. If you take the average of Medical Breakthrough they have access to seven 3/2 agendas.

Agenda suite: Yep, it's the aforementioned 3/2s with a couple of freinds to fil out the requirement. I wanted Global Food Initiative but the influence didn't pan out, so I opted for some new money in the form of SSL Endorsement.

Fast Advance: Biotic Labor and Calibration Testing do most of the heavy lifting here, but there's a lot to be said for Political Dealings in a protected remote.

Money: Hedge Fund, IPO, NGO Front, and your identity all do the work here to make sure you have the credits you need when you need 'em. Breaker Bay Grid makes sure all the pricy things in your remote rez for free.

ICE: Just enough here to protect two centrals and a remote. DNA Tracker is great if they face check it, and Kakugo will wear them down slowly. Make sure you have one on each server. Macrophage is only in here to stop Squirtle. Don't do what I did and rez it against a Power Tap Sunny.

Everything else: If it hurts the runner, jam it in the remote and make them run it. Once they've hit and trashed a couple of Snare! use Preemptive Action to seed your R&D with enough pain to deter a run. Leave Breached Dome in your archives once they trash it to scare them off running there.

Basic game plan is to rush out 4 points using standard FA play, and then once they have to challenge everything you drop into the remote, make them pay for the privilege.

Let's address the elephant that's not in the room. There's no unicorn (restricted card) in here. You could make an argument for Obokata Protocol but I opted in favour of the money that SSL Endorsement can bring in.

This deck did great on the day, and despite the fact that it's meant for FA I scored a non-zero number of flatline victories.