That Remote's a Bitch (won a game at Kzoo SC)

PureFlight 1038

It's like AgInfusion, but Richer:

  • , run the remote. Sand Storm to archives, hit a Breached Dome.
  • , run the remote. Marcus Batty to end the run.
  • , run the remote. Nisei to end the run.
  • , run the remote. Not enough money to break the Susanoo, bounce to archives, hit the Breached Dome.

I won against a Wu because she lost her 1x Mopus to a breached dome, slowing her late game econ down immensely. I lost when I didn't ice up my centrals well enough, which was 4 times on the day at the Kalamazoo Store Champs. I also got a tie with my winning agenda IAA'd in the remote.

You can probably win with this, too, if you ice up your centrals.

Jinja + Agroplex is pretty good.

Psychokinesis is to help build up your remote faster. They could probably be a 3rd Batty and a Fast Track. But they're also really fun.