Gabe Revised Core Set & Katara Cycle

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Mathewsr75 1

This is my first attempt at a criminal deck. I'm open to suggestions & criticism.

23 Mar 2018 Jesus_Phish

Zamba isn't doing much for you here other than giving you 2 memory. At best you're going to get 3 credits for using Infiltration to expose 3 cards. But you could also use the same 3 cards to just gain 6 credits. Wari costs 1 to install, you get to trash it and get your credit back and see a card, but it's not a net gain.

Since you only have the RCS and Karata to work with, you'd be better off either taking Doppelgänger or freeing up some influence to take Dinosaurus or even Spinal Modem.

I think you've too many breakers for your deck too. You have 3 Special Order. That equates to whatever breaker you want. Puffer doesn't really do anything that Femme Fatale doesn't. Sure you can spend clicks to make Puffer stronger, but you also need to have your Dyson Mem Chip and console set up to help eat the cost of the MU. If you want to keep #Puffer though and free up lots of memory, you could take Dinosaurus as I mentioned. Then you can inflate Puffer as much as you like and it's mem cost will never affect you.

Morning Star is expensive and you can't pump it. You're going to be relying on your Datasucker to use it if you encounter anything over STR5.

Your deck is very Program heavy and you might run into memory problems. With 4 basic, 1 per Dyson Mem Chip and 2 from Zamba the best you can hope to have is 9 memory, if you draw everything and can install it all. You have some very memory hungry programs. Morning Star is pretty much 3 memory because it has to have Datasucker. Puffer is going to get more memory hungry if you pump it - which is it's only real advantage over Femme Fatale other than being cheaper to install. But Femme Fatale gets her token to bypass. Sneakdoor Beta is another 2 mem.

I would recommend you take out some of the breakers, particularly Puffer and Morning Star. Double up on the ones you have in there already. Pick a different console unless you absolutely think you need the memory from Zamba. The 1 Notoriety isn't doing a lot for you since it's only 1 of and you're on a 51 card deck. I'd also recommend trying to trim down to 45 cards.