DREIZEHN 1st Place 6-1 Good Games Adelaide SC

PowerBunz 479

Welcome to the Adelaide meta's least favourite deck!

I've been iterating on this list for months, and it's the 13th distinct Skorpios list I've inflicted upon my FLGS. It only dropped one game on the day, eating everything in swiss rounds. The stumble came via a God-draw from Val, dumping me into the losers bracket of the top cut. Fortunately the next round was Maxx, who managed to Rebirth quickly but played some unfortunate Injects, and subsequently found themselves on the wrong end of an Audacity. The final game was a nail-biter, with the same Val on 6, Skorp on 5, an open R&D and an installed and advanced Corporate Sales Team. R&D held and I won the day. Heart Of The Cards.

Big thanks to my opponents: Jaiden, Garth, Stephen and Adam in swiss, and Jeremy, Mitch and Alex in the top cut. There was a lot of very good Netrunner played. Thanks as well to FirstStrikeTV, who streamed the event. The VODs are available on Twitch, and they make me realise how much I enjoy watching myself play Netrunner. Shoutouts also to my ex, who walked in during the third round and provided some major tilt.

My favourite moments were FAing out 4/2s on stream for the win, twice, and my bitter, gut-busting laughter as Maxx Injected in the losers bracket. I have literally had dreams about moments like that.

Jua is probably the most contentious card. It's soy good on Archives to snuff out Retrieval Run, and at the top of awful Archer/Tithonium servers. They could probably be an Ark Lockdown and an Archived Memories, but the tech ICE slots felt pretty good. 3 FA tools is plenty, since they just accumulate in your hand as you're trying to #JamTheGendies and grind down the runner's deck and soul. There's frequently nice windows to abruptly end the game with a combination of the three. Best Defense is too good to cut (looking at you NZ Nats winner). I didn't ever feel like I needed the third Marcus Batty, thanks to all the awful tempo hits dealt out from the gear-check ICE. The deck can also run very poor, but given that most of the ICE is 3 or less to rez, it's never much of an issue.

I'm keen to try out Rashida Jaheem over NGO Front, or maybe a combination of the two. The turtle annihilated me, given all the 0 strength ice, so it may be worth switching to Ice Wall, to make it cry.

Get keen for my 14th Skorpios list, coming to a regionals near you.

19 Apr 2018 ggDropbear

This deck is the worst, ggwp congrats!