Accelerated Course Of Study

manicmoleman 367

This is a rush deck, which tries to score quickly while opening up scoring windows with Economic Warfare and Self-Growth Program.

I was initially sceptical of Self-Growth Program, as on the face of it Closed Accounts or The All-Seeing I seem more disruptive. However, in testing the card in this deck, I think Self-Growth Program has its own niche. The ICE in this deck is cheap to break, so once the Runner has their breaker installed, they can pretty much click for credits after a Closed Accounts and still contest your remote. If you move their breakers back to hand, however, they might not have the money or clicks to reinstall them and run, especially if you played an Economic Warfare to help land the SEA Source.

Occasionally I've been able to cheese a win with Jua if the Runner is using Paperclip, but it's rare.

20 Apr 2018 manicmoleman

@BlackCherries You definitely could swap the Self-Growth Programs for Exchange of Informations. This deck was built to try out some of the new cards and to supplement a review on