Damon Abuse

5N00P1 796

This deck is mainly matuscheks Jinja Abuse, with some "improvements" I included Damon Stone as he makes stealing Ikawah Project impossible in your scoring remote. And included a 3rd Architect against Hippos & Apocs.
Included 2 Domestic Sleepers as finisher and a potential to draw through a lock. And Blue level as additional economy.
Took this to the Berlin Regional, it was not performing as expected.

  • Game 1 boreira on Leela Had a slow start and was siphoned while on 5 credits and Fairchild 3.0 in front of HQ, that feels so bad! He got the game under control, very well done and I lost.

  • Game 2 saan on Apoc Val
    He is always playing mean decks, so what else to expect? could get Architect on inner position on HQ & Ariches with each an ICE in front. But he got all breakers on turn 2 in the bin and had a fantastic economy. And was able to get to 6 points fast and by accident. I was not able to find a single Border Control. When he ran HQ to apoc me, he found another agenda (I was baiting him with an NGO). Mason Bellamy would have worked wonders, but I was not realizing this.

  • Game 3 against Jan on Shiloutte I had a bad start and he was able to trash Rashida Jaheem & Violet Level Clearance out of my hand turn 1. That was bad, but I was able to recover and score out of a 6 ICE remote.

The deck feels good, would play it again.