Belvita 419 - 2nd York Regional

Kikai 1179

2nd at Aki's birthday / York Regional 2019

2-1 in Swiss, and 3-0 in the cut.

Lost to @paulyg on Blue Sun in round 5, in an absolutely bonkers game where we both drew “the nuts”.

Wins in the swiss were a very tense game against Argus (as they should be!), and a game against Data Loop Palana where I almost killed myself by bypassing an Anansi with Inside Job.

Won 3 games in the cut where all 3 corps were flooded (although some were more flooded than others). Also despite me putting my thumb over the Punitive Counterstrike when reading @rotage SportsMetal deck list, and despite tilting myself against Johnny's Data Loop Palana.


I think that this is almost a carbon copy of the reg 419 that criminal master @RotomAppliance has been playing, with one or two tech cards swapped out to suit my more aggressive tendencies. 46th card would be Same Old Thing.

I did test a much more aggressive build with Datasucker, but it was no where near flexible enough. Similarly, I tested this build which is all in on Rezeki, and found it too passive.

Miss Bones did absolutely nothing for me on the day, but then again I didn’t face any Asset spam. In testing, Miss Bones has been “good” against glacier decks with Crisium or Jinja City Grid, and “MVP” against asset spam. Dropping to one seems a bit pointless, but you could easily cut her completely and just spend time learning your asset spam matchups.

Clone Chip helps against Marcus Batty style rigshooters, and careless net damage hits, but it’s a security blanket - and can definitely be cut.

The Game Plan

Let the corp set the tempo, but respond accordingly. Pay attention to what the corp is doing, figure out why they are doing it, and apply pressure where and when it’s most uncomfortable for them. Basically, play good Netrunner!

If the corp goes too fast, apply pressure with Aumakua, or Engolo + Inside Job. If the corp is playing more slowly, let Rezeki tick, click Kati Jones, and slow the game down even more with Corporate "Grant".

Inside Job is also a secret econ denial card. With Falsified Credentials you can be sure that what you are contesting is an agenda, and even if you can’t get in the Corp still has to rez multiple ICE. Follow up with a Diversion of Funds (easily enabled with Engolo) and the Corp will be left way out of position.

Definitely my favourite runner deck at the moment, makes for some really good games. I fully expect engolo to be restricted as part of MWL 3.4.

Thanks to @Blonde Haired Hacker Girl for organising yet another amazing event, full of incredible prize support, and incredible people!

And thanks to @RotomAppliance for baking some delicious cakes - they were much appreciated after a day of eating almost nothing but Belvita breakfast biscuits.

13 Aug 2019 mcg

Excellent naming. Glad I could help with our warm up game ;)

13 Aug 2019 ClosDeLaRoche

No No One Home? That card's saved my butt countless times

14 Aug 2019 percomis

If 2 Miss Bones are 1 too many, you could try a Hostage instead of one of them? It would be a pseudo 2nd Bones, but also fetches Kati and Class Act.

16 Aug 2019 Kikai

No one home is a great card in some specific matchups, but it’s a bit of a security blanket (like clone chip), and I’m not sure that you need it (even in those matchups). But I could be wrong. The 0 install cost is certainly great for Corporate Grant.

Hostage is an interesting suggestion. I think I would happily hostage for class act in the early game, and would definitely hostage for kati if the game was starting to slow down. I’m not sure if I would hostage for Miss bones or not - worth testing what it makes the asset spam matchup like.

19 Aug 2019 Havvy

Great deck Kikai, and great meeting you!

I know you have covered it already in the write up, but when I play this style of deck (single breakers), I struggle vs Rigshooting / SDS matchups?

27 Aug 2019 Kikai

@Havvy- although rigshooters might be criminal's weakest matchup, think of it another way: pure rigshooters are (usually) rush lists, and 419 with Aumakua and Inside Job is a great answer to rush.

My advice would be: mulligan for Aumakua, keep any backup Aumakuas in hand (or install multiples on the table), and (if you can) hold off on installing the rest of your rig until you are on match point.

If the corp ices centrals and purges, then at least the game will have slowed down, so you should have time to find Engolo and lock the remote (this is where Clone Chip becomes useful for dealing with Batty).