A Timely Teia (8th @ NA Conts)

Sokka 5290

I wanted to try something different and faster this weekend at Cascadia than what I played at APAC. I didn't play any games before the tournament but this deck immediately seemed very powerful when I started building it. Timely Public Release lets you install a piece of ICE at the end of the runners turn. This triggers A Teia which allows you to install an agenda waiting to be scored on your turn.

This deck can go extremely fast with efficient 4-click turns, has the ability to slow down for a more secured score with Adrian Seis, and can even get you conceivably winnable positions in games where you had no business having any chance. This last point can be demonstrated during my top cut round 2 loss on stream against CTZ. An aggressive Hermes 419 is this deck's worst matchup to begin with and the game should have been a complete zero chance blowout considering the only non-Offworld econ card in the top 22 cards of the deck was a single Nico Campaign. Despite this, I managed to score a single Timely Public Release and from there I can use the counter along with a Seamless to score Offworld. Hybrid Release out of hand puts me to 5 and suddenly I'm just an Audacity away from winning. Unfortunately the Audacity was 3rd from the bottom but I think the fact that I was that close to getting to 7 points is a testament to the strength of this deck which I am very happy about.

My runner was an updated version of Simulchip Freedom which I feel has been doing impressively well for me.

In person Netrunner is always an amazing way to spend a weekend. Huge shoutouts to everyone who participated, those who helped run the event, and the commentators who ran a great stream!

Speaking of streams, I will likely play in Euros and stream my games so keep an eye out on my youtube channel for that at https://www.youtube.com/@Sokka234-/streams

Always be running <3

15 Aug 2023 awildturtok

I've been tinkering with A Teia and Tranqulity Homegrids as main driver of econ. This would probably eat slots from Seamless/Nico/Audacity, but as in Asa can accellerates your gameplan a lot, without hogging your remote.

15 Aug 2023 Sokka

@awildturtok yeah I think cutting the Nico for a Tranq Grid is a pretty good change! Maaaaybe the Audacity can become 2 more Tranq Grid but Audacity does so well here so I think it's difficult to justify

15 Aug 2023 goodknite

I had the same idea with Tranquility Grid. I also got some cheaper ice, Ablative Barrier and voila! it's a Stew!

15 Aug 2023 dormio

How did you find Saisetan performed?

16 Aug 2023 Sokka

@dormio Saisentan was good enough! It’s a huge threat early and being able to be rezzed without having drawn an Econ card is valuable. I would definitely say it’s the worst ice in the deck but there aren’t many viable alternatives available. Perhaps there’s too many ice in the deck tho and it can be cut for something else

16 Aug 2023 Bilby

this deck is sweet!!! being able to 'fast advance' through clot is huge. I'm playing it with 3x tranquility and finding it pretty reliable. I did drop the audacity so I'm gonna try putting that back in to compare. Seems very good to be able to score a yagi if the TPR train dies.

17 Aug 2023 zmb

I got the idea of TPR as well before I saw this deck, but went with Manegarm Skunkworks and Formicary and a lot of ice. Problem is that a "doom remote" just isnt very scary anymore in Jinteki...