Simulchip Freedom v2 (8th @ NA Conts)

Sokka 4669

This is my second version of the Simulchip Freedom that I played at APAC.

I thought I was going to switch decks but this deck feels strong into a lot of matchups and the consistency is fairly impressive.

To go through the changes from the last list, I found that Consume was rarely ever needed and finding Engolo was often a problem so swapping Consume for a second Engolo was an easy decision. The 1 extra influence can be a lot of different things; I chose Bahia Bands because it's a flexible card, helps set up, and can always be played without clogging Zer0 triggers. I found that I never used Imp and Hush so cutting them just simplifies the deck. Cutting a Paladin for a 3rd Solidarity Badge is basically swapping money in favour of draw. There are some games where Badge is crucial and the same can't be said for Paladin. The killer should be Num or Mimic or could spend the 1 inf on Echelon. All are good options. I was expecting to have to break some Trebuchets so I chose Num. On the day, Num was only installed once and I only installed it so I could trash it the next turn with Simulchip :D

My corp deck was A Teia. It was featured on stream 3 times and can be found here

In person Netrunner is always an amazing way to spend a weekend. Huge shoutouts to everyone who participated, those who helped run the event, and the commentators who ran a great stream!

Speaking of streams, I will likely play in Euros and stream my games so keep an eye out on my youtube channel for that at

Always be running <3

15 Aug 2023 Diogene

Awesome deck! Do you think that Strike Fund could replace Dirty Laundry for about the same value.

15 Aug 2023 Sokka

@Diogene when I started building Freedom I thought Dirty Laundry was a cutable card but after playing it in two tournaments I’m convinced it’s very important. In many matchups, Freedom wants to make multiple runs per turn which makes Laundry a vital click compression card. Strike Fund seems like a bad card if all we have to trigger it is Zer0

15 Aug 2023 Ebrey

I wish we had played out our game and I had the chance to score 2 Stegadons and blow up a Num with Bloop :P.

Did you ever test Audrey? Too taxing of cards or too easy to get locked out?

15 Aug 2023 Sokka

@Ebrey and then have to pay 9 with Engolo :O

I never tested Audrey. There is definitely not enough MU to have Audrey in this same deck. Not sure how I would go about arranging the rig to fit an Audrey install but if it's possible then it would probably be quite good because there are a lot of duplicates in here so usually the bottom half of the deck contains a lot of cards we don't need.

15 Aug 2023 Diogene

I like the idea of @Ebrey. @Sokka, do you think Audrey v2 could replace Yusuf?

15 Aug 2023 Sokka

@Diogene Audrey definitely cannot replace Yusuf. You need Yusuf’s virus generation to trash things, especially in the asset matchup. Also a lot of barriers are 1 strength; if Audrey replaces Yusuf then barriers become very hard to break

15 Aug 2023 Havvy

Really cool deck, I've been wondering how Freedom fares in this meta!

I've been having a play with The Price too, but slots are hard :(

18 Aug 2023 Trillian416

Hey! cool deck. This may be a basic question, but what's your game plan given you only have enough MU for Stargate OR Engolo? My opponent loaded R&D up with code gates without knowing, and I felt sort of stuck.

18 Aug 2023 Sokka

@Trillian416 I’ve actually never had the issue of not being able to install both Stargate and Engolo. This deck needs Knobkierie to be installed ASAP which is why there is 3. In many games, Stargate does not get installed at all because the game is won elsewhere but where it is installed then it’s usually late in the game using a Simulchip. So the programs would be Yusuf, Engolo, Stargate, and then 1 virus program. No room for Num here but usually Num doesn’t get installed anyways; any sentry on R&D you need to break can be broken by a Botulus which you can Knob to keep it going.

I will say that Stargate is definitely a very committal install that requires you to be sure that it will be relevant enough and/or get you the win before installing it

22 Oct 2023 Cyclopanda

Could this be build with Laamb instead of Engolo?

24 Oct 2023 Sokka

@Cyclopanda Yeah I think it totally could! While Laamb has synergy with Yusuf and costs less influence, it is important to note that it is not strictly better than Engolo because Engolo does serve as a decoder which, in combination with Yusuf, covers two different ice types. Definitely something worth looking into!