Safety First Gnat + Twinning

Sokka 5168

This is an extremely fun deck and I would highly encourage giving it a try! I first tried something like this in January (decklist, stream) but now with Twinning, the deck got even better!

In the first game with it on stream I ended turn 3 with 27 credits, Twinning in hand, and a board with Cradle, Keiko, Zer0, and Safety First.

Check out the games here:

Always Be Running. (but Safety First)

10 Nov 2022 gilesdavis

I'm loving this list, it just keeps winning!

I'm on this to get down to 40, -1 MK, -1 mystic, -1 laundry, -1 casts, +1 twinning.

29 Apr 2023 exzo777

That build has problems with Snare! and other damage sources. I would like to add 1x black orchestra and -1 cradle, cause rig sniping is not a joke as well as self-trashing. Regarding -1 MK: gachapon + unlucky drawing could delay your rigging up, so 2x is OK.

8 Nov 2023 andrewruff

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