Theoretically, the strongest endgame.

Two_EG 479

Theoretically, Turbine + Carver can let you pass that notorious Bran with just two creds.

Theoretically, Odore is the best killer in this game. (with some supports)

Theoretically, we have 4 drip econs here. (Ghat + Keiko + Maemi + Taka)

Theoretically, recurring good econ events (Bravado, Guinea Pig) is good.

Theoretically, Hush can deal with any pesky ice. ex) Pharos

Theoretically, Simulchip + Clot can stop any FA plans.

Theoretically, Caldera will save you.

Theoretically, with the help of The Price and Gachapon this whole setup can be done pretty quickly.

Theoretically, the strongest endgame is here.

13 Sep 2023 Nxxdles

Since you have carver and turbine, maybe Cradle over Buzzsaw? But there's a lot of Stego around.

13 Sep 2023 Spiph

Is this deck good?

14 Sep 2023 Two_EG

@Nxxdles Cradle 2cred against Magnet Feelsbadman

@Spiph Theoretically, good.

Jokes aside, if you somehow manage to get to the 'Endgame' state, this deck will just crush your opponent. At least garanteed win against slow corps.