Just do Gnat have Snare

Sokka 2850

Super fun Gnat deck!

Generates lots of consistent econ and draw. The idea is to end every turn with 0 or 1 card in hand. Then you get Safety First draw and Gnat credit. With low cards in hand you can also get a lot out of Zer0 because you can always hit the last card in hand. The Maemi does a lot of work as well with all the events. It's so efficient once set up and it's an absolute blast to play!

You can find games of it being played here: https://youtu.be/8hgyOR3TZOw

I think you want 3 Zer0 since it’s good at every point in the game. And then with 3 Gach you can cut to 1 Stargate as well to stay at 42 cards.

31 Jan 2022 Diogene

I think you could replace a Leech for a Ice Carver. It would help a lot, probably.

31 Jan 2022 Sokka

@Diogeneyeah that’s a good idea!

31 Jan 2022 ArminFirecracker

And I guess, you forgot a Paladin?

31 Jan 2022 Sokka

@ArminFirecrackerI actually chose not to put Paladin in. Might be wrong. With no Hippos it feels like there aren’t that many targets for Paladin. Gachapon can install TTW, Leech, and MK at full discount. So that only leaves Casts, Paperclip, Cradle, Stargate, and the 1x Liberated (which is barely used anyways). There’s a couple 1 costs here and there too. Probably still worth it tho

4 Feb 2022 Diogene

For the no card in hand archetype, Caldera is better than The Turning Wheel.

Fun interaction : if you have Guru Davinder, you cannot use Zer0.

I'm still a bit on the fence between MKUltra and Odore. Not sure if it could be better.

In my experiment, having Trickster Taka was really good. I think it is better to have more of it than Mystic Maemi. Also, changing one Bravado for 3 PAD Tap seems more impactful and more tempo positive.

Finally, I am enjoying this a lot! The drip actually matter! Thanks for sharing.