You may be kind, but CT is Wünderkinder.

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MisterMonocle 238

Oh man, this was a hard deck for me to finish. Not because it's bad, but because I just couldn't fill the last 3 slots. Anyways...

I first dismissed Chaos Theory: Wünderkind. +1? Yawn. Why not gain 2 on a successful HQ run? Or tax the corp more for their ice? Well, as usual, that was just me being an idiot. You see, she has more than just +1. She has a (minimum) deck size of 40.

What does all this mean? Well, two things. One, you get a badass rig, and two, you're more likely to get said rig. And oh my, what a rig we'll be building.

Magnum Opus is just silly. 2/ looks amazing, doesn't it? Believe me. It's better. Gordian Blade is just an amazing decoder. Clean. Efficient. Sure to keep those sysops scratching their heads. I love it. Battering Ram isn't ideal, but don't feel sheepish about using it. We have the , we can afford to spend some. It's decent, and it'll bust some heads. Pipeline is bad and won't be appearing here. Instead, we'll be dancing with Femme Fatale, charming our way past anything that stands in our way. All this sits at an impressive 6. Thankfully we get 4 standard, 1 from our favourite Wünderkind, and 1 from either Doppelgänger or Dyson Mem Chip. With a setup like that, we can get past anything. And to get to it, we'll just scour the net for people letting us take their code for a Test Run, or go on a Diesel binge and see what's left when we're done tasting colours.

Oh. Also, that Rabbit Hole | Underworld Contact synergy. That's neat too, I guess.

Made with one Revised Core Set

30 Apr 2018 BlueShellGhost

I like it mate. Thanks for making some decks with just a single core. Really helpful for new players getting into the game.

2 May 2018 setagana

This deck sounds fun, but I can't see the decklist currently, is that a bug or is the list empty at the moment? Thanks

2 May 2018 setagana

Appears to be an issue with netrunnerdb on firefox, apologies for the confusion.

2 Nov 2019 Overbyte

Thanks for the 1 set deck 🤟