Fastest Mum On The Net

Pinkwarrior 2278

My fast Sunny deck yes fast this deck can get setup very quickly and get through the deck very fast. It's worth noting that the first couple of turns its usually best to face check ICE that's down to try to force early game rez's before sitting back and setting up for abit.

Street Peddler a must for any big deck to reduce you deck size mid game you'll always be taking 3 cards off the top of your deck and dropping 3 into the bin find one of these early and you basically have a 47 card deck. The real question is do you run 3 or 2? I've gone back and forth between 2 and a build script or 3 i still haven't figured out which i prefer.

Peace in Our Time Another must for any deck with high overhauls and Sunny is just that, she needs alot of early burst econ to get her drip up and running this been what actually makes Sunny slow not really the fact she has a bigger deck. After all you can just add more copies of stuff you want to see early to cure that problem. Don't worry about giving the corp econ you'll soon pass them with drip really just make sure you have a click to remove a tag if your using the Security Nexus and about credits to remove HHN tags and you'll be fine.

Security Nexus 3x though not really necessary to have 3 i think you can easily go down to 2 with the AI been in the deck getting the Nexus down quickly really starts to put pressure on the corp to get multiples of ICE on each server and until then you can easily make a run a turn and usually get access.

Datasucker makes Sunnys breakers good allowing you to only spend the optimum amount on boosting Str and pairs nicely with Aumakua.

Citadel Sanctuary helps against the NBN match up for AR-Sec agenda and allows you to run last click and use Nexus it can sometimes come in handy for other stuff like Snare! also saving some cash their.

White Hat it's been really hard to find room for this can it's sweet but changing the number of events can upset the Street Peddler and i don't want to upset the balance of the deck by removing something else eventually i may find away to get to 2 but as it stands one is all i can muster atm.

Globalsec Security Clearance is great for the glacial match up to lock R&D with only a click you could go more into this with Corporate Defector but it seems fine as is.

Oh Scarcity can be a big pain it will slow you down but keep hold of the long term drip and just pay though it. That's the best you can do sadly I do normally like to get a couple of Interdiction's into a deck for that but again finding the slots is the hard part.