Another brick in the wall (3rd place at Antwerp Regionals)

Cpt_nice 1470

For my weaker but far more interesting Sunny deck, see my runner deck + tournament write up

All in all you're just another brick in the wall - Pink Floyd

The educators at Azmari have proven themselves one of the strongest decks of the format. I still believe the 6 agenda variant is the strongest one out there, although my punitive plans definitely had to take a backseat due to Clan Vengeance. Instead, I decided to play Jinja, a choice that I didn't end up regretting. The remotes I made were silly, even more so because of incredibly taxing ice like Surveyor, Tollbooth and News Hound. During the whole day, my remotes were rarely contested and only twice did someone get in, completely bankrupting themselves in the process.

Both Jinja and Crisium are expensive to trash, even for Val, which fits your strategy. Scarcity is of course a no brainer, I went from Vanilla to Wraparound, as I figured the two credit difference wouldn't matter when I was rich af all day. It was a good call, as it put in work against my 419 match up. Rashida is broken and even more so because she synergizes with Jinja, as does Special Report.

The only card I might cut is Archived Memories, which I only used once to recur Scarcity. Good, but not quite excellent. Could def be a third Surveyor. Maybe then cut 1 Tollbooth for something like Preemptive.

The deck went undefeated in swiss, and won/lost once in the cut, with the loss being due to a successful blind Mad Dash. That's what you get for playing 5-3's.