Bully of nations, an intermediate difficulty teaching deck

Severijn 534

This is a teaching deck for players that have played a couple of times with core set decks and that are looking for something new. I build this out of my own collection to help players play with the corp.

The deck's strategy is to play spiky ice and score behind it. It is also very flexible in how it can win the game. You can build an expensive scoring remote and score behind that, occasionally baiting the runner with an NGO Front or a cheeky Cerebral Overwriter. You can fast advance with trick of light and Reconstruction Contract. It is possible to run the runner out of cards and kill them as soon as they do a run. As a teaching deck, the most important thing is that the deck can just score out like any of the decks out of the core set would.

My considerations for playing the deck are those of the BigBoy, namely that the deck is fun to play, powerful, not gimmicky, straightforward to play, legal to play and devoid of tech cards. I did include a Contract Killer, but that's because it is also a fairly flavorful thing for weyland to do, and there's often a relevant connection. Even doing two meat damage can be an okay use of the card, in case that you want to drop them to only a handful of cards so that you can create a scoring window.

To help the player on the right track, I made it obvious that you want to advance your cards by including Mass Commercialization and Trick of Light. I also kept a lot of nods to the core set and the deluxe expansions, since those are the ones that new players will gravitate towards early on. Thus far this has been a success with newer players. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to try out a new deck on jinteki, or if you want to slowly introduce a player to decks outside of the core set.

Finally, I want to give a shout-out to Tyrellcorp's Weyland Blitz for the idea to play Cerebral Overwriter and Contract Killer in this deck as nice traps to bluff with.