Weyland Blitz

TyrellCorp 356

Undefeated and snuck me into the top cut.

I guessed not many opponents at the SF SC would tech against meat damage, plus this is just the ID I like to play. I slotted the new fun Reconstruction Contract and Urban Renewal, and added some different spices this time, namely Breached Dome and Media Blitz in order to activate either Hades Fragment or The Cleaners if they get stolen.

First game was a slugfest against a self-damaging Alice deck that I probably should have lost but ground it out until the runner was out of both cards and ways to absorb meat damage, and I was down to about 6 cards in deck, 3 of which were The Cleaners as I had luckily scored the Hades early.

Similar win vs Geist where I Chronos'ed half his deck. Pete, I even told you Chronos was in there.

Other two runners were flatlined relatively quickly between Urban Renewal and Contract Killer

Nobody sees the Breached Dome coming, nor the Cerebral Overwriter. And yes, I play Weyland like Jinteki. Bluffing, misdirection, surprises are what netrunner is all about IMHO.

I never landed the Dedication Ceremony Reconstruction Contract combo to advance a 5/3 out of hand but I've done so on jnet. It's fun when it works. And when Alice hasn't destroyed your hand.

10 Jan 2018 ctz


10 Jan 2018 ctz


10 Jan 2018 Saan

It seems like Snare! is just a better Breached Dome. Why not just run that instead?

10 Jan 2018 aleph_c

@SaanDome does meat for the Reconstruction instead of net, and it does it for free.

10 Jan 2018 Saan

Ah, for some reason I missed the reconstruction in there. I suppose that makes some amount of sense.

11 Jan 2018 nialbima

Any room for +1 Wake Up Call? I've been getting a ton of value out of it in similar decks.

11 Jan 2018 TyrellCorp

@Saan Breached dome also fires from archives, and when you pitch agendas in there the runner has to consider whether they are domes, and will probably avoid archives altogether.

@nialbima I have a hard time finding room in here for anything at 44 cards, but you could make a very good case to drop the RPC to add Wake Up Call or a third Dedication Ceremony or Reconstruction Contract. I'd consider Bryan Stinson optional as well, I just love that card for 1) the art 2) the fact I live near Stinson Beach and 3) how incredibly demoralizing it is to the runner when they're at 2 credits to see me go up 20-30 credits in 2-3 clicks

11 Jan 2018 TyrellCorp

Also this deck is built around The Cleaners which doubles or occasionally triples the impact of Breached Dome and the ID ability.

27 Jan 2018 Haberdash

How much use do you get out of Hunter Seeker?

29 Jan 2018 TyrellCorp

When I remember to use Hunter Seeker it's usually pretty good, occasionally game-changing but usually just an annoyance to the runner. They always seem to have another Magnum Opus nearby...

It is super satisfying emotionally though.

29 Jan 2018 Bast10n

How tight is the economy in this deck? Also why is there no prisec in here?

29 Jan 2018 TyrellCorp

The economy is ok but heavily reliant on the timing of the Mass Commercializations. I have a 49 card build with +1 ice, 3x IPO and a 2-point agenda. I'm considering using Beanstalk Royalties instead of IPO because it seems lately I'm at 0 creds more often than 8 creds.

Also, I consider advancing Asteroid Belt or Wormhole to be the same as clicking for 2 credits so in my head those are economy cards in a weird way.

Prisec is in here sometimes. :) Can't give away all my spicy secrets, you never know when SCRAPERS might be around. ;P

25 Mar 2018 xloserfishx

This deck went undefeated for me at a store champs this weekend, but with a couple of changes:

-1 Graft, -1 Red Planet Couriers, -1 Bryan Stinson

+1 SSL Endorsement, +2 NGO Front.

SSL Endorsement seems like the better overall agenda than Graft, because it plays into the 'benefit you even if stolen' gameplan, plus it helps with economy.

NGO Front also helps with the economy, and is an additional way to bait out runs when you're on match point.

I didn't feel like Bryan would have much of an impact, as it was only a 1-of, plus there are only 6 transactions in the deck. As well as this, runners are fairly rich in my meta, and the turns where they have no money I want to be using to score out rather than further my money advantage.

Cheers for the deck idea, it worked a treat!

28 Mar 2018 TyrellCorp

NOICE! I've since added NGO as well, just having it around sometimes leads to people not running a double advanced cleaners.