TagMe LIZA - NYC Regional (2nd Place)

tf34 1031

This deck has zero plan for HPT, so play at your own risk.

If you dodge HPT, TagMe Liza has extremely strong matchups against everything else. I have yet to lose a game to anything other than HPT or Boom.

Some tips:

MTI - Run aggressively. You're fine faceplanting things, and they don't like having to invest heavily in defending centrals.

Non-kill tag punishment - This is less of a concern then you might think. Typically you will deal with a combination of eoi/psycho/closed accounts. You have the tools to play around CA (RT, bankroll) and can slow them down and win with CS before they can get to 7.

Aggressively dig for your rig. Once it is online, you are unstoppable.

The deck went 5-2 beating two Skorps, MTI, CI, and CTM. I unfortunately did not dodge HPT, and lost to the eventual winner in swiss and the grand finals. Congratulations @Simonmoon!

You can watch the event’s stream to see the deck in action.

Twitch Stream

Matchups vs:

Skorp - 5:03

MTI - 8:39

CTM - 10:43

22 Jul 2018 PeterCapObvious

If HPT or Boom! are a huge problem would it be worth squeezing in a Misdirection to help or is influence really tight?

22 Jul 2018 kusoash

Congrats on 2nd place, it was great watching this deck (and you piloting) perform on stream! I've been refining my own version of TagMe Liza and have a couple of questions: 1. Saker as fracter - is this personal preference or to deal with Kakugo and avoiding the net damage? Would you use Tycoon? 2. Would you consider Embezzle to try and deal with HPT or any meat protection cards?

22 Jul 2018 triorph

Misdirection is bad for the countersurveillance plan. You actually want the tags, you just autolose to HPT.

23 Jul 2018 tf34

@kusoash - I have to be honest, I hadn't even considered Saker's benefit vs kakugo. Thank you for pointing that out. The deck is wealthy enough to actually make use of that benefit.

Saker is here for a few reasons:

  1. I like the influence as it stands
  2. There aren't many barriers where Paperclip is way better than saker. Basically just IP block and Data Loop. Either sucker or Fem helps with the tricky barriers.

No I would not consider Tycoon. Liza wants to keep the corp poor. Saker has been completely satisfactory.

If you want to try to tech vs meat damage, embezzle/paparrazi/fall guy/wireless net pavilion/guru divinder is probably the best package. I am going to try it at some point, but I don't think it will be impactful enough.

23 Jul 2018 CodeMarvelous

Thanks for linking the stream!

24 Jul 2018 Vortilion

Hm, on alwaysberunning there is no Liza deck on 2nd pace, only first top cut and third swiss?

24 Jul 2018 riotprl

this was a blast to play against and to watch in the cut on saturday, and i'm really excited to try it out. congrats on your wins and a lovely list!

1 Aug 2018 Vortilion

Why Faerie? Im honest, I never understood the card of a one time use breaker?

3 Aug 2018 Vortilion

I went with -1 Datasucker, -2 Faerie, -1 Amina, -1 Femme Fatale, +2 Special Order + 3 Embezzle to be better prepared against HPT and Boom (and also have general counter against different kinds of decks, Embezzle is also good against asset spam! And I think Femme + Faerie is too much Sentry stuff, also I wanna be able to search for my ICE Breaker with more Special Order instead of looking for a specific one via drawing...