Sick Skateboard Tricks - 3rd @ Genova Reborn

koga 972

I've never been a tag n bag kinda guy, but I've always loved weird FA decks, so why not explore that aspect of the game using one of the funkiest IDs?

This is a deck I've tested a bit before Worlds 2021, but decided not to play in the end. It's an Argus-like Jemison deck that tries to use surprise Reversed Accounts to make the runner completely broke before closing the game with a kill, while still having a great rush / FA plan. One of the reasons this deck works is that it's very easy to get many Atlas tokens thanks to Oberth and the likes (and we've all learned how strong an Atlas with many counters can be). The threat of Archer and Tithonium also makes it sometimes hard for the runner to contest your iced servers early, granting you time to set up your win condition.

The main downside of the deck is that you're not Argus, meaning leaving R&D open can lose you the game quickly if you're unlucky (which is what happened in the game I lost), coupled with the fact that HQ management is not easy because you're half combo and half rush.

The games are usually swingy, meaning it may not be the best in a tournament setting, but surely a ton of fun as it can create many memorable moments like surprise bankrupting a 16+ credits runner thanks to RLC and Oberth, followed by a quick death a turn later.

It's always great to see local metas come back to life, just as it was great being there for the first time and play against old and new players in the flesh. Thanks a lot for all the fun and the chats and huge shoutout to @Drager for both helping me actually get there and then smashing me to win it all :P

16 Feb 2022 Diogene

@koga Cool list! Did you try with Sprint in previous iteration? I was wondering, because it feels like it would help a lot in the management of HQ, considering the high number of agendas.

I really like the idea of using Reversed Accounts with Oberth Protocol. This will set back the runner a lot! Thanks for sharing!

16 Feb 2022 koga

@Diogene thanks! I haven't tried it with Sprint specifically, though it could be ok to cut a RLC for that / Spin + a DRM. You may also be fine cutting the Consulting Visit, I think it's too click intensive for the combo turns I'm trying to set up.