Always be running R&D lock!

Seb 46

After hearing @Nemamiah on the dead channel podcast talking about Akiko and that there may be a possibility to play her with focus on R&D, I thought, I might give it a try.

The basic idea is to use criminal cards to make money from running, because running is fun and then try to trigger the ID ability almost every turn. This could probably better be done with the classic shaper IDs, but with Akiko you have a R&D interface from the start and it is very fun to play! Try to get Bankroll early and profit from unprotected servers. This also pumps your Turtle. Once R&D is iced, install Kyuban and get in with efficient shaper breakers! Psych Mike fits in nicely and helps you to cope with an unfortunate Turning Wheel run. Clone Chip is to recycle Bankroll and Lady and sometimes retarget Kyubans or Cyber-Cyphers. You run into memory limit easily, but it can be quite fun to think and optimize what you need most. With Marathon I imagined that I could profit from asset spam and make infinite money with Bankroll (has never happened so far ;-( ). I'll probably cut Marathon, Because I Can and maybe Armitage Codebusting, though the latter one can be useful at times.

This is my first self-made deck I had at least a little bit of success so far ;-) What do you think? Any suggestions?

29 Aug 2018 Seb

Patron run into archives with two #Bankroll and #Paragon online is also good value!

29 Aug 2018 Seb

Patron run into archives with two Bankrolll and Paragon online is also good value!

30 Aug 2018 TomOctober

Played against this deck on jnet and my R&D got locked up pretty quickly as expected. Econ was strong and the style of deck was unique or at least uncommon enough that I was totally unprepared and got wrecked :D

Looking forward to taking this for a spin!

27 Sep 2018 dusk_

Played somethimg very similar early in the tournament season. Was a lot of fun, landed me a 4th place in the Halmstad Regional! Sadly it got a very harsh matchup against MTI without estrike