Patchwork Maxx with a touch of tech

internet_potato 931

This is the runner I took to Magnum Opus. It is not super-spicy, but it went 4-3 and got me to 37th place overall. 1 or 2 of those losses could have gone the other way if I'd piloted better. I really like this archetype and I think it leads to interesting and fun games. I'm very happy that the meta was in a state where decks like this can do well at the last world's.

D4v1d was a complete all-star on the day. I'm glad that Clone Chip is back. Wanton Destruction was great as a sort of poor-man's Legwork. In retrospect, I think I would have been happier on a single LARLA and spending the influence on an Indexing or a couple of Career Fairs.

I felt the least confident against CtM, so I leaned on Salsette Slums, The Shadow Net (for 15 minutes or GFI), and Hacktivist Meeting to help in that match-up.

I wasn't super happy with "Freedom Through Equality" since it fights with Hacktivist, but it won me a game so I can't complain a lot about it. Dirty Laundry felt a little underwhelming-- there weren't many times when I saw it and could make a run while staying out of HHN range. Probably need to either cut it or find space for the full set of them.

What Happened

Round 1: Win vs. CTM. Went tag-me earlier than expected, but was ready with a TME the turn after my opponent did a Preemptive Action shuffle to redistribute the agendas he'd been bottoming with DBS most of the game.

Round 2: Win vs. CTM. Very good start-- got to 4 points pretty early and had Salsette Slums on board by turn 2 or 3. Prepared to go tag-me and made a probably-dodgy run on a deep remote with FTE in play. Very happy to find it was a Beale at the bottom and not an MVT.

Round 3: Lose on points to CTM. Got tagged fairly early and kept whiffing on TME runs.

Round 4: Win vs. Glacier NEXT. R&D remained fairly porous while the remote kept getting more and more Jinja-y. Got 4 points from R&D and checked Archives for the winning wantonly-destroyed Ikawah to win.

Round 5: Lose vs. Mti. Chronos Project knocked out a good portion of my deck. Was able to struggle back for a little while but ran out of gas and conceded when it was clear that I was finished.

Round 6: Not played, back half of a 241 win.

Round 7: Not played, back half of a 241 win.

Round 8: Win vs. Mti. Amazing starting hand-- Patchwork,Wanton Destruction, and a fist full of econ. He mulls into a no-ICE hand and then shows me with Celebrity Gift. Seems like a good time to Wanton Destruction. TME scooped 4 points a few turns later and I was able to keep his remote locked to win.

Round 9: Lose vs. NEXT. I made an extremely poor decision to challenge a first turn install. Click 1 run remote, he rezzes vanilla. Click 2 install clippy. Click 3 run and break for 1, leaving me broke and unable to trash the Rashida in there. Never really got on my feet and had to lean on multiple Stimhacks and eating a lot of painful subs to poke his remote, but an over-advanced Vitruvius, Ash, and a pile of money kept me out. Got to 4 points hitting centrals but couldn't close it out.