Spoon Hayley (6-1 at worlds)

qvm 1700

Spoon Hayley went 6-1 at worlds. I started by getting swept and then submarined to day 2. On the second day, I won the first, but lost the second 241 (both as AgInfusion).


Spooned allows you to kill any ice with Engolo. Can be recurred with The Shadow Net. You can either lock the remote really hard (by continuously destroying it), or go ham on an open R&D with Equivocation.

Political Operative used to be a second Stimhack, which is also great. But team UK rused me into believing that Mason Bellamy AgInf might be a thing, so I slotted the plop. Turns out it's really good against Ronin, Echo Chamber, Mumbad City Grid and others. Definitely underrated at the moment.

System Seizure is mostly played to clear currents. For a ProCo deck, clearing currents at 0 rather than 1 is important. But against Surveyor, Jinja and other glacier stuff, it can actually be useful at times.