Schüttel dein Deck (10th @ Euregio)

Klopstock 577

I played this deck at Worlds and it went very well, so I played the same deck at Euregio with a small change to the Agena suite - or so I thought. In the second round I saw towards the end of the game that my deck included two Preemptive Action. I was confused, but since I pileshuffled my deck beforehand and saw it included 44 cards I made a mental note and played on. After the round I didn't have much time and just quickly counted cards (44) and Agenda Points (18) to make sure I didn't play an illegal deck. When that worked out, I just continued with the next round. After that round I looked through the deck and found out, that I had accidentally put in one Preemptive Action for a Rashida. The swap wasn't terrible. Cutting Rashida hurts, but you definitely want to play rather two Preemptive Action than none (though one may still be the correct number). I also cut an SSL Endorsement and the Attitude Adjustment for the slot and replaced them with the third Quantum Predictive Model and a Project Beale, but that was on purpose.

Game 1 against Rainer on Engolo Maxx: Rainer played a Maxx deck with Fan Sites and Shadow Net, which is a big problem for this deck, because the gameplan is built around closing the game with Exchange of Information. I made one mistake when I didn't trash his Shadow Net when I could and he later proceeded to sell two Kitties and a GFI. But luckily I had already played him the day before, so I knew about the Shadow Net and played an early EoI. Together with a Beale and the 15 Minutes I was already at 6 points. The game dragged on for quite a while, but I managed to find the MVP Kitty for the win.

Game 2 against Oli (Pinsel) on Smok: Smoke is a pretty good matchup for this deck. I had a pretty good start and rushed out an overadvanced Beale. Than Oli played a brutal Indexing which found the SSL and a GFI. But then the MVP NGO Front showed up and dragged him twice through my scoring Remote, leaving him completely broke and allowing me to trash his Film Critic when he went Tag-Me. I then found the winning Kitty in R&D and he fortunately didn't find his second Film Critic to steal it. I also gained around 15 Credits from a single Death and Taxes this game, which is nice.

Game 3 against Jan (Django) on Freedom: Freedom is in some repect tougher than other Anarchs, because he can trash your important operations. But on the other hand, he has other vulnerabilities, because he has considerably less tempo than Maxx and Val and even worse solutions for your Ice with less money to back them up. I closed off my centrals and made everything extremely taxing (News Hound MVP). I scored through my Remote, made him waste two Stimhacks on my Remote (the second one getting trashed by the Brain Damage of the first one) and went up to 5 points. He then Indexed me (and allowed me to gain a Raven counter in the process), didn't find the win, went for my hand and also didn't find the EoI (which was pretty lucky, because he accessed 3/5), so I could close the game out.

Game 4 against Matze (mazeberlin) on Smoek: The game against Matze went similar to the game against Oli. Smoke can break some of your Ice really well (mostly News Hound and Fairchild), but struggles a lot with general poverty. A big moment was when I rushed out the SSL Endorsement (MVP) behind two Ice, which set me up for the game, both money-wise and point-wise, since it is mostly just a matter of time against Smoke until you can land the Sea Source-Exchange combo, also Kitties are relatively easy to score, because you have enough Sea Sources to trash pesky Film Critics. During his last turn he went Tag-Me in hopes of stealing the last Agenda, but there weren't even enough points left in R&D for him to win, so he whiffed and I Exchanged fo the win.

Game 5 against Elwin (Jakuza) on TagMe-Liza: Already having lost against his Mti I went into this game pretty pessimistic because Liza is one of the worst matchups for this deck. I made a mistake in my setup turn one and was really far behind the whole game. I only found one Exchange and used it to swap 15 Minutes prematurely for the Beale in fear of Embezzle, but one Exchange (MVP) is not enough to win this matchup. I guess they don't call him ElWin for nothing.

Game 6 against Jörg (gegenzeit) on Nexus 419: I played an early Scarcity, which was the MVP and slowed him down a lot. Unfortunately it didn't slow him sufficiently enough since I didn't find enough Agendas while he was still struggling to set up and in the end he won a game, which was really long and tense (and fun!), but didn't have any flashy highlights for a writeup, it was more of a constant back and forth, a dance of me threatening Sea Source into Exchange and him carefully playing around it, which he did really well.

The deck is still really good. I definitely like the swap of one Project Beale and the third Quantum Predictive Model for the second SSL Endorsement and the Attitude Adjustment. But I think I would rather play the third Rashida instead of the second Preemptive, although the swap was not as bad as I first thought when I realised it.

10 Oct 2018 Jakuza

Those were great matches. <3