Lazy Liza 4th / 27 & 5th / 32 @Euregio

5N00P1 627

This is based on a mix of Lizas from Magnum Opus and the one I played with M4M. I took it to a GNK with 27 players and a community tournament with 32 players (both including lot's of decent German & Dutch players, playing in top 16 @Euros or national events) together with my Mti Deck, that was carrying me through the tournament.
It performed ok, going 6 (incl. time wins), 1 and 4 loses in these 2 days.


  • 3x Femmes, even again CtM you can use them to break Resistor
  • Mad Dash to win games, some times with 2 Agendas, but even Hyerloop Extension don't look that bad with an Indexing anymore
  • 3x Indexing, seeing them early and often wins games
  • Amina the corp loosing money is nice! And Gatekeeper looks much worse

Don't like:

  • 1 Special Order is not enough when they try to lock you out. You need some tools really desperate
  • Leave No Trace in theory is nice with the denial strategy, but never used it successful in 11 games.

I played (during 2 days):
Mti 3x (won 1x, lost 1x, timed win 1x), Argus 1x (lost), Titan 2x (won 2x), Palana (timed lose), Biotech (lost), CtM 2x (tie & timed win), Sportsmetal (win)

9 Oct 2018 Longi

Hi, how is your opinion on the Mining Accident in this build? It is better then let´s say Employee Strike? In my testing I am still switching between Mining Accidents and Indexings and can´t really decide what´s better :)

9 Oct 2018 5N00P1

You always ask good questions..... Mining Accident is great as it allows you to run for free even if there is ICE. So running Archives for 0, getting 2 cards, triggering Paragon and loading Aumakua, Datasucker and potentially some Bank Job feels great. I've never tried Employee Strike but immediatly switched to Mad Dash, it's great when you win with 2 Agendas (never happend). But it is really good with Indexing. The matchup with Mti gets worse, which is not good as it's such a strong Corp. I would clearly prefer Indexing over Mining Accident as it's your wincon.