thebigunit3000 3025

Estelle Moon is amazing.


Many thanks for the multitude of tweaks. You know they are - they've been spamming the deck on jnet competitive this entire week.

4 May 2017 MikeJS

Really wish this was still a 'secret'. It is oppressive as hell.

5 May 2017

I wish Friends would be a "limit 1 per deck" and "remove from game after playing".

5 May 2017 yog-sothothry

A nasty deck, for sure! It seems like it would be weak to shaper's, though. They have film critic, so lakshmi isn't reliable, and you don't run much ice to defend against indexing+mad dash. How has that matchup been? Do you just lean on caprice?

5 May 2017 gozik

nice deck.

5 May 2017 gozik

I mean nice deck building with existing card pool but terrible card design by ffg. Estelle moon should be tier 3 mwl with sensies.

5 May 2017 grogboxer

gozik have you tried this in Russian yet? Been trying a few games here and there, it's pretty great, but losing Sensie makes that deck harder to play :)

6 May 2017 aero

This deck is so freaking oppressive. I've piloted a few times expecting it to fare worse than gagarin, but there are so many purple tools that a difficult to trash that it actually works quite a bit better in ETF. Those Lakshmis/Cyernetics are stupid good, Estelle is such good recovery. The only problem I see is ice being just porous enough for apocalypse to land; caprice is good, maybe a single tour guide could do some work.

7 May 2017 Snake Eyes

hugs his Archives Interface and Salsette Slums

Haha, well ya this is Asset Spam, so I instinctively hate it, but this approach is pretty neat with how it uses some of the new cards. The Estelle Moon + SFT score play is aces, especially with AAL and Friends feeding her for extra installs. Decklist looks tight, I can't even think of anything that I would personally change if I liked to play this style. Looks like it may be fragile with the start up, relying on getting a lot of those assets out, and not really being able to protect anything early on.

One day I'll get to play an ID that isn't Whizzard again without hating every Corp deck.... and that day will probably be when he rotates. :p

8 May 2017 Murse

Love that shipment from mirrormorph is getting some play in this. But aside from that, I'm just so done with decks like this popping up whenever the meta shifts. I was really looking forward to interacting with corps again...

8 May 2017 spags


9 May 2017 Leviair

@yog-sothothry overwriting marilyn campaign with AAL also is an out to indexing

10 May 2017 sdwood

Anyone care to elaborate on how you play this?

10 May 2017 bakunin75

How to frustrate runners: Spam out high trash-cost assets and assets that are not really worth it for the runner to run on, like Marylin, assembly lines... If they trash the jeeves you can always friends it back, making it pretty much impossible for non (slums-) whizzard to keep up with that most of the time.

With shipment or just a bunch of jeeves clicks or successfull field test you can get insane number of estelle moon counters, giving you the burst draw and econ the deck thrives upon. The runner can't do shit about this (except rumor mill, hence the login protocolls and clone sufferage I guess), since its a trash ability on estelle.

You have Cybernetics to help deal with a large hand size.

Finally you score with biotic, jeeves, lakshmi (or just neveradvance when they don't run every server anymore) .. and install shit all over again with team sponsorship.

So like in all assets spam decks that work so good in this game, running all these assets is so click intensive, that if you want to contest it you cannot draw cards, find your breakers and win conditions, let alone build an econ to keep up with the assets most of the time. And if you can't keep up and don't have a sufficient win condition, like r&d deep digs or lots of multiacces on hq, they will snowball eventually.

Granted the deck needs some skill to play, but its so annoying to play against, it sucks the fun right out of the game, leaving the fainthearted runner frustrated and call gg after your first estelle moon combo.

10 May 2017 Myriad

This deck will likely be the new NPE "deck". It takes skill to play, but most runners hate it. I cannot help but think it won't be affected by an errata or MWL soon.

@bakunin75 You hit the nail right on the head. The deck is good and you pretty much have to have some haymaker R&D pressure to even keep up before you simply lose.

10 May 2017 bakunin75

One more thing. In contrast to the prison asset spam archetypes, this one tries to actually score out and doesn't have must trash assets like bio ethics.

So in principle you can clot+film critic lock them, let the assets be and make them score behind caprice. But I guess with the draw the 9 ice are sufficient for building a scoring remote in that case ^.^

12 May 2017 Scoogsy

Estelle Moon = First card on MWL Tier 2 Level.

12 May 2017 Tolaasin

Took this deck to a GNK last night and won 3 of 3 corp games. But oh, how the triggers made my head hurt. Jnet makes it all so easy - but in real life, there is a TON of bookkeeping to do, and it's so easy to screw up!