Kabanchatantraesa Wu

Japoco 162

EDIT - after running into a certain Meme Lord in the form of Code Marvellous on Jinteki he has re-worked it to a much more streamlined version! Check out his YouTube video of him playing it here for his deck list - https://youtu.be/xB7t2K4x39Y Some excellent additions in the form of Dj Fenris for Geist, swapping Pro Co for Diesel, adding street peddler and my favourite mignt be the inclusion of Sadyojata (I think props go to Ratzuka for suggesting this one) which has a great interaction with Pancha! - end of edit.

Being a Massive fan of Wu (find me on Jnet as Baa Ram Wu) I am always instereste by new ways of pulling stuff with her ability without the dreaded 'remove from game' triggering

So - when Deus X Got brought back I was immediately interested in how to incorporate this into a Wu deck.

This is the result: (it is still going through some tweaking, and is by no means 'competitive' but it is fun!)

Tactics with this deck:

You want Tech traders down EARLY! - 2 of them mean you can Wu out an SMC and fire it for free - 3 traders means a profit for doing so!

You need money early on - the engine will run itself later so an early Kati is good (and worth using the hostage on)

Breaker suite - 3 Deus X, 2 Panchatantra, 3 Clone Chip + 2 Compile are essential (Wu out the Deus to start with, then compile, clone chip and Wu out more until you need to levy)

The Criminal bypass breakers synergise well with the plan - Originally I ran 3 Demara + 1 Laamb but Wuing out an Abagnale in a pinch can be a life saver (also gives you an 'normal breaker' option) - You should mainly use these for there bypass ability 'but they're really expensive to install' - this is where Sahasarara and Wu come in - Install for 1 real credit click one using Wu - run and trash to avoid RFG!

Get Laamb and bypass breakers out later - early pressure should be with Deus/pancaha

(Also tested this with Engolo + 2 or 3 abagnale - not worked out which is better yet - but this version struggles with wraparound!)

Make your runs count by using Insight + Top Hat or Because I Can

Knifed works with Laamb but unfortunately is a bit of a non-bo with the bypass breakers - It does work with deus x though!

1 Levy - Could defiantly run 2 (I think i cut one for +1 pro co)

Leprechaun is good use for Sahasara credits + Mu is needed for when you get laamb out - alternativly just add more MU!

Lord of the Memes aka code marvellous took this out for a spin and stuck a Dj Fenris in to host Geist (not sure what he cut influence wise - maybe the stim-hack?) to help with draw which was genius Also I think he swapped the Pro-co's for diesels!

Have Fun with this one I'll see Wu Around

Baa Ram Wu

(10 points to anyone who can pronounce the deck name first time!)

20 Dec 2018 gilesdavis

Love it.

How much mileage are you getting out of Kati, as you said it's rich late game anyway and Kati is more of a late game card? Have you tested Tech Writers, seems they would be decent earners, without the click intensive aspect of Kati?

20 Dec 2018 FreqKing

Super cool. I also tried this and the reverse, out of Geist. You Hostage for DJ Fenris hosting Wu, Wu 1 Self-modifying Code to get Panchatantra, which brings your Deus X threat online. No Sahasrara sadly, but still kinda fun :)

21 Dec 2018 Japoco

@gilesdavis- Hey Giles! Thanks. I am mainly using Kati Early for set up econ - the deck funds itself later - there probably are better solutions but I am still refining it so will try some other options!

I had thought a lot about tech writers which have been big includes in my previous Wu decks - worried they would actually be too slow to get going - however would be a huge money boost if you could get them up and going (lots of programme and hardware instal + tech trader credits for trashing = $$$)

I was intending on experimenting with them at some point and this comment has made me even more curious - so maybe that's the next thing to try!

21 Dec 2018 rattkin

Why only 2x SMC, but 2x Panchatantra? Do you want to keep 2 Panchas on the table to threat 2 ice deep breaking with Deus X recursion? Seems a bit ineffective? I understand that Deus X is early (1 ice deep), but afterwards you switching to Laamb / Abagnale?

Not sure what Demara is here for. It's not really more effective than Laamb when it comes to breaking, Do you intend to keep it actually on the table, or rather reuse the same way as Deus X (potentially comboing with Laamb)? Is there enough recursion to make it a viable strategy?

What do you Wu for and what do you Wu->SMC for? Looks like early move should be Wu->SMC->Sahasrara and Wu->SMC->Pancha. After that you can just Wu for Deus X.

How effective is Top Cat + Insight? Even if you snatch one agenda, doesn't it help the corp's plan more?

Is SoT mainly for Knifed here, or something else, too?

21 Dec 2018 Japoco

@FreqKing- Hey! thanks! Funnily enough this deck started out as a Geist deck that played hostage for Fenris + Wu. would be really interested in seeing what you came up with for this if you fancy sharing?

Each time i thought i had finished the deck i looked at it and just wondered if Fenris would be better hosting Hayley - Does mean you can run more of the Criminal bypass breakers which is definitely a good thing!

21 Dec 2018 Japoco

Hey @rattkin I will try to answer all your questions - the deck is still in the building stage though - I just published it at this Tate due to requests.

Smc’s - 2 is generally enough - Sahasarara and Panchatantra are key targets, everything else that is pulled from the deck is generally trashed and so better pulling out with Wu’s ability.

2 Pancha is essential tbh - once they are down breaking multi ice servers with one compile and a clone chip down or a second Deus x installed is easy - laamb is for the later game tbh and is far less efficient than using deus x (with 3traders down you can profit through making runs) Deus is definatly the main answer to ice in this deck!

‘Switching to lamb abagnale’ - laamb is there almost entirely for its pay 2 credits to give barrier subtype - it is a rare occasion you use the pay to break ability! Switch to barrier then bypass with demara or break with deus/pancha to knifed any ice!

Demara is there for the trash to bypass ability, mostly the same for abagnale - the fact the strength of the ice doesn’t matter is what makes these work - Wu them out for 1 actual credit then trash them gaining net 2 credits for a bypass if you are fully set up.

Recursion - 3 clone + 2 compile + 2 same old thing will get you a long way (code marvellous’s re-work of this deck uses 3 compile and 3 SOT which is probably right) once you run out of toys - Levy!

Insight & top hat were my attempt at getting more meaningful runs - Dan took them out of his re-work and I think that is correct as in general they slow the deck down

SOT is there for Knifed but also compile and Levy - plus the synergy with tech traders doesnt hurt.

21 Dec 2018 rattkin

I would imagine you still need third SMC for an emergency Misdirection summon, though (unless you're ok with Wu'ing it and then losing forever, but I'm a bit scared of that).

I understand that you are ok with drawing second Pancha (to support double Deus X) from the deck and installing it from hand? Is there enough MU for that? What is your intended program set on the table in late game?

22 Dec 2018 gilesdavis

Been testing this a bit, this is where I'm currently at: imgur.com

Have tested both Kati and Tech. Writers, still torn, I feel Kati pays out more (as a lot of corps are rushing in the current meta), but is so click intensive.

Having fun but I'm definitely consistently less than 50% win rate. Having a similar time to Dan, having watched both streams he did on this archetype; losing to weird left field decks and notably awful draw/RNG.

Slots are SO tight, I feel it needs 3 SMC/Diesel/Compile, but also lack of multi-access is often game losing if you don't have it.

28 Dec 2018 demoy

Really cool deck idea. I play code marvelous and somehow won considering I was on Jinteki ICE. Instead of multiaccess try using Globalsec Security Clearance (we just need to find a fitting second link provider, does DJ Fenris give geist's link?). This feels like a community deck project. lol. So much fun. A side question though Can't breakers only interaction with ICE of equal or less strength.. so if your mainly using Laamb to change the ICE type to barrier don't you just end up still boosting and only save 2 credits (that you don't spend breaking).

29 Dec 2018 Japoco

Hi demoy.

Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately Fenris doesn’t provide the link needed - but if you need an extra link 1 sports hopper would work we’ll in this deck - plus you only need the 2 link to install and then can trash the hopper for draw (and cash if traders installed) - I actually really like this idea - I have recently been trialing spy cameras to some positive effects! This could be a later game solution!

Laamb’s text is on encounter so it doesn’t need to be at strength before that ability kicks in, so it does only cost 2 credits + trash demera

I’m still working on various versions of this idea and slowly piecing together a working strategy - it has changed a lot since this first deck idea though! Once I am happier with the outcome I will post a new version.

Until then please keep me posted with all your ideas as I am having a lot of fun playing around with this archetype!

31 Dec 2018 gilesdavis

Hey Baaaa!

Happy to see you're still working on this, back from fam holiday and gonna do some more testing. Spy Cams is a pet card of mine, always partial to trying it where possible. Think Imma try a combination of cams and Corporate Defector, I think it's gonna be more reliable (use cams until defector shows up, as well as after for TT econ), as well well as cheaper than hopper/globalsec. If you're on slack hmu for some games hey, my handle is the same as here.