[SOCR8] Paperwork is Murder

internet_potato 951

I chose BABW for SOCR8 because it can make a giant pile of money, has in-faction access to Border Control, and can be played a number of ways (glacier, rush, or kill). In testing, I found the combination of K. P. Lynn, Data Raven, and False Lead to fairly reliably set up a late game situation where the runner couldn't challenge the remote without ending their turn on two tags. I think that a number of other players used this technique (also with Formicary) to close out the game.

I found Armed Intimidation and Death and Taxes to be serious over-performers. A turn 1 D&T generates SO MUCH MONEY. Armed Intimidation was a great tempo card if you score it last click and sets up some really disruptive plays if you can IAA it and score it with a click leftover.

Overall, the deck felt solid but I think that others who had a similar game plan out of The Outfit: Family Owned and Operated had stronger economies and were better able to afford early rezzes on R&D (which is where I lost most of my games).

Great tournament, big thanks to @Sanjay for organizing it and for the godfather @FightingWalloon for getting this show on the road.