Making News Door to Door (3-0)

Idira 51

This is the deck I took to the Daedalus Complex launch event at Dice Saloon in Brighton. It was a tone of fun to play and (to my surprise) ended up undefeated.

It is very rough and needs some tinkering, but it performed well all told :)

3 Mar 2017 lolpaca

Looks neat! The Beanstalk Royalties seems like an odd choice though, why not go one more Sweeps Week and free yourself up for another Friends or something?

3 Mar 2017 Simone Suka

def another royalties on fihp and -1 hhn for a single copy of consulting visit

3 Mar 2017 Idira

@lolpacai think the ##

3 Mar 2017 Idira

@lolpacathe Beanstalk Royalties is probably going to be cut, though it does have advantages over Sweeps Week (not needing a credit to use and often times you're dealing meat damage with Door to Door so their had size is slightly reduced) but I don't think those advantages are worth the influence. I personally would not add a third Friends in High Places as I didn't feel it was needed, but I didn't face an awful lot of ice destruction so that might change my mind :P

The Thoth is probably coming out too, it's fun but way too expensive.

4 Mar 2017 SourSweet

HHN with Mr.Stone could be a nice surprise in this deck