Endlessly Replicating NPE

CommissarFeesh 410

So, this is just a personal experiment in trying to make the most un-fun RP deck ever. I don't understand why NISEI thought it was a good idea to resurrect this, of all the rotated IDs. It's hot garbage now and it always has been.

I don't pretend that this list is anywhere near competitive, for two reasons: 1, I have no knowledge of the current metagame and 2, I've never been that good at deck building - there are almost certainly card substitutions that would make this work better (ICE especially I'm unsure about currently). But the core of the deck strategy should be clear: rob clicks at every opportunity to make the remote impossibly costly.

Enhanced Login Protocol steals a click every turn. MCA Austerity Policy Steals a click every turn you can afford to use it, as well as allowing you to FA if needed. Your ID forces the runner to hit a central before they even THINK about looking at your remote. Team Sponsorship makes sure you can keep bringing your most punishing assets (Bio-Ethics Association, MCA Austerity Policy, Sundew) back again and again.

Nisei MK II and Bio Vault add some extra hard EtR if the runner looks set to get through in spite of all your click compression.

Seriously, RP needs to die in a F%@king fire.