Skorpios Rebirth (5-0 @ Turin SC 2019)

Berzelius 164

This is the corp deck I've used at the Turin SC (2019). Since I hadn't played for some months, I decided to bring my old Skorpios deck ( ) in a new outfit. The plan, as always, is simple: rush as many agendas as you can and trash as many icebreakers as you can.

Some deck choices:

  • Archived Memories: I've feel that it's a more flexible choice than 2x Ark Lockdown, since it can be used to recour Ark Lockdown, Border Controls, Marcus Batty and many others, based on your opponent's deck.

  • Trebuchet: I don't usually play non-etr ice in a rigshooter. I've tried it in order to trash cards like Security Nexus, but I've barely used it. I can see it being replaced with something else in the future.

  • SDS Drone Deployment: I wanted to try this new agenda. In principle, it's really good (especially if you expect to play against a lot of criminals), but I've seen so many Film Critics that it became more like a vulnerability of this deck, rather than a game changing agenda. Replacing them with two foods might be a better choice. In that case, I'd replace Game Over with a Enforcing Loyalty, or something like that.

  • No other restricted cards: somehow, I don't feel that Surveyor would be a good card in this deck.

  • Game Over: if they don't pay, you cripple your opponents' rigs, if they pay, it's a better Economic Warfare, that gives you an opening for firing Trojan Horse.

  • Tithonium: best. card. ever. It single-handedly won me three matches.

Overall, it's a solid deck, even without Skorpios' ability.

Play of the day: click 1: Trojan Horse, click 2:Trojan Horse, click 3: Ark Lockdown. I don't feel any guilt about it.

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