Flippy Jinteki FA

Cuacuani 77

My Corp deck from Stevenage GNK. This deck was let down by a bad Runner deck, a stupid misplay in a game I probably should have won and getting a bye. I think it's a bit better than my standing suggests.

The plan was to go fast. I knew I couldn't keep the Runner out, so I needed to get agendas out of hand and into the score area as fast as possible.

Political Dealings was the star player here. I found that players who didn't know what it did were inclined to leave it on the table ('eh, it's 3 to trash and doesn't really do much') until they realised that removing the to install agendas made 3/2's scorable from hand.

The ID was always The Greenhouse, but the deck is designed to look like it could have been The Brewery. Between the Enforced Curfew and the spiky traps (Breached Dome, Snare! and Chrysalis), I think the Runner had to seriously consider whether I was trying to kill them via a 1000-cuts style thing.

Audacity worked pretty nicely as a way to score the final Medical Breakthrough from 0. I got a few compliments on influence choices in this deck (on reflection, these may have been sort of back-handed compliment - 'hey, this deck is way better than the moron piloting it!')