Borrowed annoying SYNC, Mankato, MN SC 3-1

Grosseteste 195

This is lostgeek's "I'll annoy you to death" decklist with one of the IP Blocks swapped out for a Best Defense anticipating Misdirection. I saw Best Defense a few times but never had call for it (my winless Runner deck had Misdirection; I don't remember seeing it across the table). The decklist was a blast to play; I'm trying to imagine how to make it better.

Isn't Daily Quest a nifty Corp card? I just felt the urge to say that.

7 Apr 2019 lostgeek

Hey. Nice to see others play around with the deck idea! I think swapping IP Block against Best Defense is great, if you expect a lot of Shaper in the meta.

If you want to go even further, switching FC 3.0 and the IP Blocks for 3x Eli 1.0 is also great, but you lose your teeth against Aumakua and The Turning Wheel.

Daily Quest really is central for the decks game plan after the first Hard-Hitting News, so maybe finding slots for Tech Startup might be the next step.

7 Apr 2019 Saan

I'm running an Azmari deck that does similar things as this, and I just added in 2 Tech Startups. It really is good for grabbing a Daily Quest after scoring an agenda if you're having trouble finding one. I'd imagine it would be good here as well, if you can free up the slots.