Ven 62

Yet another pirate Hayley. Not going to comment much on it, other than that the second Freedom was definitely the right move with the amount of scarcities and punitive Palanas running around (the additional point means only one score where you are vulnerable - this runner is poor most of the time).

Clot variant was definitely the right call for the meta, but holy hell is it only a tiny hurdle against the dedicated FA Titans.

I misplayed pretty hard throughout the tournament. Don't neglect the permanent breakers, guys, and install the bloody astro against Palana so that Savant can break DNA tracker.

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9 Apr 2018 dr00

i almost brought this deck to nats myself but only got to test a couple games and didn't feel confident. but i expected to see a lot and specifically put in Navi Mumbai City Grid. saw a lot of geist, but no pirates, and didn't encounter your pirate hayley.

and i definitely agree with you about freedom. the current war is real, especially if having so many resources. basically every corp should be on 3x Scarcity of Resources, so being able to get rid of them is really important