So You're Saying There's a Chance?

Celephaishs 19

Focus Group is a ridiculous card. Combine it with Remastered Edition and Arella Salvatore and you can start pumping out agendas. If the FA plan doesn't work, Salem's Hospitality can either snipe out key pieces, or set up a Complete Image finisher later in the game.

Harishchandra Ent.: Where You're the Star combined with the ice will let you get glimpses of the runner's hand, so even throwing out a blind Focus Group will usually get you 2-3 tokens. Having an early Remastered Edition scored can easily let you score a GFI from hand.

I put this together as something a bit janky to try and see how viable Complete Image is, and after a few games it becamse clear that Focus Group was the real star. You can go further with the fast-advance package - maybe slap in Calibration Testing or two - but I like Arella for being a 'must-trash.' Set up a taxing server, and you're good to go - you'll at least get a glimpse at the Runner's grip while they run through it.

Ice placement is important, and you're going to be at your most vulnerable early on as you try and save the Data Raven/Authenticator for the second or third ice. There's probably room for improvement here - Universal Connectivity Fee may be a little optimistic.

Getting the ID ability online is actually less important than how scared the runner becomes at the idea of taking a tag at any point. The Ice will let you see enough cards to know what they're up to, and running through a well-defended server becomes even more costly if the runner is holding important cards - especially when Salem's Hospitality is a threat.

Anyways, this is something new and fun that I've enjoyed playing, so figured I'd throw it up for some feedback. I suck at entertaining write-ups but am interested to see what people think!

26 Nov 2019 Skandrino

Might scrap Universal Connectivity Fee and Game Over for 2x Targeted Marketing?