Hollywood Azmari (2nd in 20 Player Euregio GNK)

5N00P1 643

Also called Holz Azmari based on this Video

This deck is based on the deck from phette23 I found by accident here on NRDB, using Old Hollywood Grid as a sudo Nisei MK II Token and thus runnig a different shell as 6 Agenda Azmari.

I took this to the Euregio playing with it in the Warmup tournament coming in second of 20 players. Having the same point as the first. We played 5 rounds and this deck won 4 games (1 timed) and in the lost game I would have scored out next turn, so it made a big wave through the players... In the main event, some people where aware what I'm playing I was flooded to often so it won me only 3 out of 6 games :(

The main changes based on the initial deck are:

  • Using Daily Quest as econ, so they need to run the remote multiple times
  • Afshar as it's just good against Stabby Maxx and in this case you want to install it on HQ, usually 1 is enough, it's painful for Black Orchestra, as it costs 5 to break.
  • Game Over against Stabby Maxx and 419 as they have a lot of ressources and you might have a window to punish them.
  • Vulnerability Audit as it allows you to to IA and it might give you the points as they expect it to be an NGO Front or they have to IA cards...
  • Cyberdex Virus Suite against Aumakua, they might not be able to run the remote when you try to score.
  • Jua as general tech against Crowdfunding

besides that, gain credits build a big bad scoring remote, score and have fun.

Daily Quest, NGO Front and Rashida Jaheem don't make me really happy, I'm not sure I want to run it in this shell.

29 Apr 2019 BizTheDad

I just love this. Thanks for sharing.

30 Apr 2019 5N00P1

TY for your feedback, it feel funny playing it.