Sovereign of Subways winning Stealth Jesminder

Sanjay 2659

I am overjoyed with how people have taken to Stealth Jesminder. If you are not familiar, the concept of the deck is:

  1. Hot Pursuit is sweet, and even sweeter when the corp can't spoil it by putting expensive to break ice in front of HQ, and Stealth can make a lot of ice less taxing.
  2. Stealth decks like to run a lot, especially with Net Mercur acting as a convoluted Desperado, which has amazing synergy with DJ Fenris -> Liza Talking Thunder

There are some really great ways to spend your influence, and after Hot Pursuit and DJ Fenris you only have 8 to spend! You can see some other really sensible, good options in some of these other lists:

I have been a bit of a late adopter to including Hostage in these lists because I am so greedy for influence, and I really appreciate scumhooligan, Katyana, and hemraa publishing their lists, convincing me to try it out.

Also, importantly, on the day of the tournament, one of my opponents, DrApathy, gave me an alt art Hostage he made picturing a snowman being held hostage with a blowdrier. The snowman looks like a snowpenguin, which, given the art for Hot Pursuit, felt like kismet.


Anyway, I think the main innovation of this deck with paying influence for Switchblade over Dagger. The synergy with Pelangi is amazing, Switchblade guarantees cheap Hot Pursuit runs in a way Dagger cannot, and also serves as a counter to certain weird ice like Tour Guide.

I went 3-2 on the day, losing to High Profile Acme and Sportsmetal Rush, and beat Outfit, Outfit, and RP Political Dealings.

20 May 2019 DrApathy

I'm so glad you like the Hostage! This deck looked like a lot of fun, and I think I have to try it out for myself now.

21 May 2019 Katyana

Great to see other Jes lists! Also I'm flattered that my deck gave you inspiration :D

22 May 2019 Hangover_Glory

I was one of the Outfits that lost to this deck. Such an amazingly close and tense game, even with five BP! It's always a pleasure sitting across the table from Sanjay!

25 May 2019 Beesknees

Hey man this deck is cool I’ve been playin this and man it’s awesome plus it’s always good to run a well made machine nice touch on the data suckers really cool splash

4 Jun 2019 DonLoverGate

Hey Sanjay, how do you feel about Takobi as a possible replacement for Datasucker? Also, no Stimhack?

9 Jul 2019 Sanjay

@DonLoverGate Those are very good questions! Sorry for the slow response.

Stimhack is an amazing card and I should probably have some. Takobi would be a cool include and I think would fit in the deck well. I haven't played the card much though so your mileage may vary.