Redder is Betterer (3-1 & 3rd at London GNK)

swabl 337

Based on BlueHG's list, this felt pretty good all day. Cut the Gatekeeper in favour of more Slot Machines, AKA the most fun ICE in the game, and swapped the Divested Trusts for an Atlas, as well as some other changes here in there - mostly just applying the thoughts in the original list.

Wins were against Apoc Val, Apoc 419 and Reg Val, loss was to a Leela which I might have won had I not left HQ un-iced like a dumbass. I think all the wins were kills too, it's good stuff.

Moving forwards, I think I want to swap Project Atlas for 2 Hostile Takeovers, as it's more money and an easier way to close a scoring game, and frankly even when I had an Atlas with counters it didn't contribute much (but then, I was losing pretty badly at that point). The 2nd Consulting Visit was unnecessary too. I also want to experiment with Death and Taxes and maybe some different ICE, we'll see.